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Cross Fell 2005


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From Burnhope Seat G/NP-003, we returned to Alston and over the 2000 foot road.  We turned left signpost Skirwith, and continued to Knock.  We remembered the left turn marked Knock Christian Centre, and turned to follow the road up to Great Dun Fell.  We parked by the locked barrier that prevents further access, and followed the Pennine Way for the final 80m up to Great Dun Fell.  It was then a 60m descent and similar reascent to Little Dun Fell, followed by a 70m descent and 120m final ascent to Cross Fell. 

Jimmy sets up the beam    SOTA Beam on the shelter    Liam on Cross Fell

Although this was the longest walk of the weekend, it was still pretty quick, with us all knowing the route from last year, and the benefit of Pennine Way factory floor paving for most of the way.  We set up in the shelter and made plenty of contacts in between consumption of Sweet Potato & Rosemary soup.  The sound of a defeated G4BLH conceding "No, we're not going to make it" was the usual red rag to a bull, and I stood on the shelter holding the beam high above my head until he received my report!  It was still very hot, even at nearly 900m ASL, and my decision to carry 3 litres of water per summit was absolutely necessary.  I rang the hostel to advise of my later than intended arrival, and completed the "descent", even though it necessarily included 130m of ascent!

Jimmy, Tom M1EYP/P and Liam activating Cross Fell G/NP-001

We reached Dufton Youth Hostel at 8pm, checked-in, walked across to The Stag Inn to order some food, back to the YH for a shower and change, and finally back to the pub at 9pm. I had the Stag Chicken in Stilton (very nice, and served with an excellent selection of vegetables), Jimmy had the Steak & Mushroom Pudding (huge), but Liam made what we agreed to be the finest choice - the Thai Green Curry, served in a bowl with rice and nan bread - aromatic, delicious and highly recommended.  The portions were huge, and there would have been no room anyway for starters or pudding, so at 6.25 or thereabouts per meal, the pub provided a viable alternative to the YH fayre.  Walkers' favourite ales like Jennings Cumberland, Black Sheep and a Lakeland beer (4.2%, a new one to me) provided suitable accompaniment. Back at the YH, Jimmy and Liam went straight to bed, while I nobly attempted to write up my logbook over a bottle of Old Speckled Hen in the common room.  I lasted all of half-an-hour, before I needed to revert to horizontal polarisation myself.  

Thanks to the following stations, all worked on 2m FM with 2.5 watts, except BLH, GYO, KDY and BVE who were all afforded the luxury of 5 watts:

G0ISW Penrith Philip
G0OXV Ormskirk Keith
2E0NHM Warton Nigel
2E0EDX Blackpool Ian
G6LKB Ulverston Dave
M3HJD Clitheroe Mick
G4BLH Brierfield Mike
2E0GYO/P near Dalton-in-Furness Alan
M3ULV Ulverston Marjorie
M3KDY Blackpool Craig
GW4BVE Pool Quay John
GW7AAV Connah's Quay Steve