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Garn Boduan NW-066


Garn Boduan, GW/NW-066 - 279m ASL - SH 312 393 - OS Explorer 253 - 1 SOTA point         Map & summit information from SOTAwatch    Click to return to summit index


Looking at Garn Boduan from our campsite    Sign by the parking spot

It had been a rough old night, but the elements weren't able to remove the guys, whether the human or the rope variety. The morning of Sunday 24th August 2008 however, promised much.  It was warm and sunny, although still very breezy and no doubt keeping the Bardsey boat at bay.  We piled into the two cars and drove the short distance around to the gate and track entrance up to Garn Boduan. Campbell commented on how easy-going the walking was compared to the trackless plods through bleak moorland he did with a mate in Ireland some time ago. I admitted that I sometimes did that sort of walking as well!

Approaching the summit    One of the shelters on the summit

The route up Garn Boduan is very short and easy, via a series of zigzagging forest rides, with a short scramble up the rocks at the end. On of the summit shelters seemed to be infested with hornets, so I elected to drop back down to the heathery land below, shelter from the wind (and the hornets) and lap up the sunshine.  While setting up, Jimmy yelped to say that he thought a fly had got up his trousers leg. He continued to squeak with anxiety as he heard it buzzing and felt it rubbing against his leg, getting higher and higher. Then he pulled out his trousers from his waist to reveal a rather large bee, no doubt relieved to have the escape route rather than perform a suicide that could have been particularly painful for Jimmy!

Tom & Liam climb onto the summit    Tom, Liam & Calum

Campbell and Calum were amazed at how our smallish rucksacks transformed into an HF antenna system reaching 7m into the sky and 20m across! Jimmy started again, but had no joy on 40m SSB. I went to 7.032MHz CW and swiftly made 8 QSOs. Another stab on 7.118MHz SSB by Jimmy brought a contact with Lutz DL3SBA/P. But there was to be no further joy on HF. I packed the main station away, while Jimmy scrambled back up to the summit shelter with his VX-110, which easily got him the other three contacts required.

Campbell and Jimmy    Tom MW1EYP/P on the key

Back at the cars, Campbell and Calum said they were going into Pwllheli rather than doing any more walking. We, however, were going over to Carn Fadryn GW/NW-058.  Many thanks to the following stations, all worked on 5 watts:

DJ5AV Heiligenberg Mike 40m CW T
9A7W Garesnica Ozren 40m CW T
DF5WA Mainz Berthold 40m CW T
SM6CMU Valldar Ingemar 40m CW T
SM7BUA Ljungby Mats 40m CW T
9A4MF Lipik Miroslav 40m CW T
DL1FU Biedenkopf Fred 40m CW T
DL6UNF Guben Frank 40m CW T
DL3SBA/P near Cologne Lutz 40m SSB J
MW1KDP/P Talyllyn Railway Max 2m FM J
GW6IKM/M Anglesey Dave 2m FM J
GW1SXN Caernarfon Patrick 2m FM J

Campbell, Liam & Calum        Jimmy on the microphone

Garn Boduan 2004