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Lockdown 10


Route description & photos

There is parking available at the start point, which is the sharp bend in Flatts Lane, Kettleshulme.  Alternatively, park on the main road and walk the short distance to the start point.


Kettleshulme                Kettleshulme


Walk in a northerly direction, which also brings you back to the main road.  Follow the road a short distance north before bearing left.  This joins a residential lane.  Continue north and bear left onto a track before a row of cottages.


Footpath into the countryside out of Kettleshulme                Mill at Todd Brook


Follow the track down to the old mills a Todd Brook.  Continue on the public footpath beyond the mills. 


Todd Brook                Footpath sign


Shortly after the mills, take care to bear right to follow the footpath up to Cornfield Farm.


Between Todd Brook and Cornfield Farm                Todd Brook


After climbing to Cornfield Farm, follow the public footpath to the left of the farm buildings and out onto the lane.


Cornfield Farm                Passing beside Cornfield Farm


Turn left onto the lane, and the quickly right onto a track to pass more of the farm buildings and the main house.


Climbing up towards Moorside                Approaching Moorside


The track climbs gradually up towards Moorside.  This was a hotel in times gone by but is now a resedential school.


Near to Moorside                The former Moorside Hotel, now a borstal


The public right of way joins the access road for the school to lead out to the road.  Cross the road to join the Gritstone Trail which climbs a tarmac lane up to Bowstones.


Marianne at Moorside                Signpost pointing towards Bowstonegate


After the Bowstones, the route continues to coincide with Gritstone Trail with an excellent section of ridge walking above Lyme Park.


Bowstones                Bowstonegate


A short detour to the right can be made to take in the trig point at the summit of Sponds Hill.


Walking from Bowstonegate towards Sponds Hill                Summit of Sponds Hill


Continue down the track to Bakestonedale Road, Pott Shrigley.  Turn left and follow the road down to its junction with the B5470 Macclesfield to Whaley Bridge road.


Dropping off the south end of the Sponds Hill - Bowstonegate ridge                Bakestonedale Road, Pott Shrigley


Turn right to follow the main road for a short distance before turning left onto the track to Charles Head Farm.


Track up to Charles Head Farm                Close to Charles Head Farm


At the farm, turn right at a junction of public footpaths, to follow one down a walled cobbled section. 


Tom                Path out of Charles Head Farm


As you emerge into the open hillside, look out for a wooden footbridge further downhill.  This is your next target.


Marianne descending from Charles Head Farm                Footbridge into Near Garr Farm


Cross the footbridge and continue along the footpath up to Near Garr Farm.


Interesting waymarker                Windgather Rocks towering above


Look out for the unusual green wooden footpath waymarker signs!


Near Garr Farm                Near Garr Farm


At Near Garr Farm, turn left through the farmyard and onto the track.


Ornamental features                Deer!


Look out for cows and calves, inquisitive sheep, deer and alpacas!


Cow and calves                Lambs!


Continue on the track all the way to Side End Lane.


Alpacas!                Track back to Kettleshulme


Cross straight over Side End Lane onto another public footpath.


One more public footpath to follow                Cattle


Look out for long-horned cattle here!  At a junction of footpaths, turn left and complete the route back to the sharp corner on Flatts Lane.


Cattle                Last couple of fields to cross back to Kettleshulme