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Lockdown 11


Route description & photos

Start at the Cat & Fiddle pub on the main A537 Macclesfield to Buxton road.  There is parking available on the opposite side of the road to the pub, or 200m back down the road at the start of the path to Shining Tor.


Cat & Fiddle                Turning off the A537 road


Walk a short distance towards Buxton on the main road, and then turn left to follow the lane down to Derbyshire Bridge.


Marianne & Liam heading down to Derbyshire Bridge                River Goyt


Derbyshire Bridge has a car park and could be another possible start-finish point for this route.


Road down to Derbyshire Bridge    Derbyshire Bridge parking area    Liam heading into the Goyt Valley


From Derbyshire Bridge, turn left to walk down the Goyt Valley road.  Bear in mind that this is a one-way road, and traffic and cyclists will be oncoming.  Naughty cyclists have been known to ride the wrong way down this road too!


Liam & Marianne walking down to Derbyshire Bridge                Liam, Goyt Valley


Enjoy the long walk down through the Goyt Valley, taking your time to glance left and right at the lovely scenery. 


Goyt Valley    River Goyt    Water cascade


As you walk down through the Goyt Valley, you will become conscious that you have been walking downhill for a long time - and that all that height will need to be recovered.  But don't worry, because the height is regained relatively easily.


Top of the Goyt Valley                Derbyshire Bridge


Look out for a lovely old packhorse bridge over the River Goyt, down to your right.


River Goyt                Liam & Tom, Goyt Valley


As you continue downhill, the valley finally opens out when the Errwood Reservoir is reached.


Packhorse Bridge, Goyt Valley                Errwood Reservoir


Now the road begins to climb again, but the gradient is gentle and the going is good.


Errwood Reservoir                Pym Chair


The road tops out at the car park at Pym Chair.  Just before the car park, turn left onto the path to Shining Tor.


Walking down the Goyt Valley    Near Pym Chair    Approaching Shining Tor from Pym Chair


Follow the good path - partly gravel, but much of it paved - up to the summit of Shining Tor.


Flagged path to Shining Tor    Shining Tor summit    Shining Tor summit


At Shining Tor summit, there is a triangulation column (trig point), a couple of benches, and great views.  It is a good spot to take a break for lunch.


Shining Tor summit                Footpath signpost near to Shining Tor summit


From the summit, bear left to continue along the main path as it descends back towards the Cat & Fiddle.


Shining Tor summit                Kissing gate on the descent from Shining Tor


The path passes above the Peak View Tearooms and then down to the Cat & Fiddle.  The route is complete.


Tom M1EYP                Back at the Cat & Fiddle