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Lockdown 12


Route description & photos

Start at the Cat & Fiddle pub on the main A537 Macclesfield to Buxton road.  There is parking available on the opposite side of the road to the pub, or 200m back down the road at the start of the path to Shining Tor.

Cat & Fiddle                Cat & Fiddle


Cross the road to take the bridleway over the moor directly away from the Cat & Fiddle.


Bridleway opposite the Cat & Fiddle                Bridleway between A537 and A54


At the signpost, turn right to follow the path down into Danethorn Hollow.


Right turning down towards Cumberland Brook                Path down Cumberland Brook


There are a few path options forking off around here, and most reunite again!  However, as a general rule, try to stick to the path that is directly beside the brook.


Footpath down Cumberland Brook                Cumberland Brook


At the junction of paths, bear right to follow the track through the gate, passing a waterfall on your left.


Cumberland Brook footpath                Waterfall on Cumberland Brook


Continue down Cumberland Brook, and the summit of Shutlingsloe begins to loom high on the horizon ahead.


Approaching Wildboarclough                Footbridge over Cumberland Brook


Cross the footbridge over the brook and continue down the path to Clough House.


Clough House Farm                Footbridge out of Clough House Farm


Pass through the farmyard and across the field to cross the wooden footbridge to the lane.


Shutlingsloe footpath sign in Wildboarclough                Approaching Shutlingsloe


Pick up the public footpath directly over the lane and follow up to and beyond the house at Banktop.  Double back on yourself onto the access track to Shutlingsloe Farm.  As the track enters the farmyard, bear left to follow the public footpath up to Shutlingsloe.


Kissing gate on the slopes of Shutlingsloe                Tom on the summit of Shutlingsloe


You can bear left or right for the final approach, but both end up at the summit.  Both are steep in places but the right option is probably more pleasant.


Shutlingsloe summit                Descending Shutlingsloe


Stop for a rest or spot of lunch on the summit if required.  Continue over the summit to join the steep flagged stairway down towards Macclesfield Forest.


Path to Macclesfield Forest                Footpath sign in Macclesfield Forest


Follow the main path down to a wide forest track, onto which you turn right.


Macclesfield Forest                Macclesfield Forest


Continue along the wide forest track all the way to Pym Chair.  A small corner can be cut out by following over a track marked "Walkers Only" - but, believe it or not, beware of fast and inconsiderate mountain bikers speeding down towards you along here!


Walkers only - except a cyclist came head on at me at great speed just before I took this photo!                Standing Stone


From Pym Chair, turn right to follow the road downhill towards Dryknowle Farm.  Take the public footpath alongside Clough Brook to Broughsplace.


Dropping down towards Dryknowle Farm                Tor Brook


Follow the footpath as it crosses the brook and works uphill on grassy walled tracks.  Bear right to follow the path towards Torgate Farm.


Ascending the slopes of Torgate Hill                Between Torgate Farm and Chest Hollow


Ahead of Torgate Farm, take the right turning to follow the path downhill by a dry stone wall.  Continue to curve around to the right following the signs on the ground, which appear to be a slight rerouting to the line on the OS maps.  Bear left to continue on the path as it heads east into Chest Hollow.


Chest Hollow                Peak View Tearoom comes into view


The path swings left and climbs up to the tearooms at Peak View.  From here, cross the main road and walk a few steps into the access for the tearooms. 


Boardwalk climbing out of Chest Hollow up to Peak View                Peak View Tearooms


Then climb the obvious path uphill away from the tearooms to join the main path down from Shining Tor.


Track from Peak View to Cat & Fiddle                Back to the Cat & Fiddle


The Cat & Fiddle should now come into view, and the last section of the route follows the A537 main road up to the pub and parking spot.