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Lockdown 34


Route description & photos

Start in the vicinity of Robin Lane / Lyme View, Lyme Green, Macclesfield.  Plenty of on-street parking available.


Looking down Lyme View towards Robin Lane        Lyme Green Filling Station


Walk North / North-East up Robin Lane then turn left into Lindrum Avenue.  Follow this out onto the main A523 Macclesfield to Leek road.  Turn right past the petrol station to the bridge over the Macclesfield Canal.


Entering the Macclesfield Canal at Lyme Green        Macclesfield Canal near Lyme Green


Access the canal towpath and turn right to follow it in an initially westerly direction.  Exit the canal at the next bridge (Gaw End Lane) and turn right to pass an old World War II pillbox and access the footbridge over the railway line.


Bridge at Gaw End Lane        Railway footbridge at WW2 pillbox


On the other side of the railway, continue to follow the public footpath.  Look out for a sharp left turning marked by a white post.  Turn left here and follow the muddy path across this part of Danes Moss.


Public footpath on the northern part of Danes Moss        Sharp left turn here


This area of Danes Moss is part of the South Macclesfield Development Area and is planned for housing, with sporadic talk of a multiplex cinema and new football stadium.  This particular footpath is not currently marked on any maps as a public right of way, but does enjoy significant customary usage.


One of several slightly precarious crossings!        Macclesfield South Development Area, Danes Moss


There are a couple of potentially precarious water crossings where loose planks have been placed.  Each step should be taken slowly and carefully on these!


Another "rudimentary" crossing!        Danes Moss (North)


The route brings you out onto some open rough land, and you follow the clear trodden path around its left-hand boundary.


Crossing onto Congleton Road Playing Fields        Congleton Road Playing Fields


You will reach another water crossing - a couple of planks - and this brings you onto the playing fields off Congleton Road.  Walk along the right-hand boundary of the playing fields, past the changing facilities and out onto the main A536 Macclesfield to Congleton road.


Rising Sun ("Tip Inn")        Public footpath that initially follows the access road for Danes Moss Farm


Turn left to walk past the Rising Sun pub (nicknamed "Tip Inn" by the locals) and the recycling centre.  Continue down the road until a left pointing public footpath sign, pointing down the access road for Danes Moss Farm on the opposite side of the road.


Public footpath through Danes Moss Farm        PROW through some boggy ground


Walk down the access road until you see a kissing gate on the right.  The footpath now veers right through this gate and across some potentially damp boggy ground.


Tricky stile crossing in deep bog!        Public footpath exits onto an access driveway


Remain with the path on the right-hand boundary of the field, and a corner stile is reached, often surrounded by some fairly deep bog!  It can be a tricky job to negotiate your way across this little bit!  A little further along, another stile is crossed to join a driveway to a private residential property.  The footpath follows the driveway down to a T-junction.  Turn left, and then very quickly right onto another public footpath.


Public footpath sign        Public footpath between New Home Farm and Middle Moss Farm


This footpath becomes somewhat insdistinct as it progresses across the middle of a vast grassy area, and care should be taken to be looking ahead for the next signpost or stile.


Heading towards the south part of Danes Moss        Tree-lined footpath to the nature reserve


The path becomes more distinct again and eventually continues into a pleasant tree-lined footpath towards Danes Moss Nature Reserve.


Sign for the nature reserve        Footpath on Danes Moss


At a crossroads of paths, turn left to follow the Danes Moss Nature Reserve signpost.  The path is now very distinct between two grass banks and fences.


Entering the main part of the nature reserve        Footbridge in the nature reserve


At the start of the main part of the nature reserve, a couple of information boards are passed.  The path now follows an old tramway line across Danes Moss and in places, some of the old sleepers can still be seen.


Danes Moss Nature Reserve, approaching the railway fotbridge        Train approaching Macclesfield


As the railway is approached again, a footbridge can be made out through the trees.  After crossing the footbridge, you are very nearly on the Macclesfield Canal for a second time.


Footbridge        West Coast Mainline towards Macclesfield


Instead of turning onto the towpath, proceed directly ahead over a swing bridge.  Continue through the metal gate and up the access track at Moss Head Farm.


Swing bridge         Moss Head Farm


Exit the farm between the two main buildings and turn right onto Gaw End Lane.  Continue up to the junction and cross straight over the main road to continue down Robin Lane.  The route is complete.


Moss Head Farm        Junction of Gaw End Lane and the A523