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Lockdown 35


Route description & photos

Start on Robin Lane, Lyme Green.  There is plenty of on-street parking along here and adjacent side roads.


Junction of Robin Lane and Lyme View        Robin Lane, Lyme Green


Walk south-west along Robin Lane towards the main A523 Macclesfield to Leek road. 


Crossing over the A523 into Gaw End Lane        Canal bridge on Gaw End Lane


Cross directly over into Gaw End Lane and proceed to cross over the canal bridge.


Footbridge over the railway ahead, viewed from the canal bridge on Gaw End Lane        Joining the canal towpath from Gaw End Lane


Enter the canal towpath and head south, adjacent to the railway line.


Macclesfield Canal, Lyme Green        Swing bridge between Moss Head Farm and Danes Moss


At the swing bridge, turn right to follow a footpath sign towards Danes Moss Nature Reserve.


Footpath into Danes Moss Nature Reserve        Railway footbridge over into Danes Moss


Cross the footbridge over the railway line and continue into the nature reserve.


Coming off the footbridge into the nature reserve        Danes Moss Nature Reserve


As well as looking out for the birds, butterflies, and if you're lucky - lizards - look out also for remnants of the old Danes Moss Tramway.


Remnants of the old Danes Moss Tramway        Footpath across Danes Moss


Continue to a crossroads of public footpaths.  Carry on straight ahead at this point.


Crossroads of paths - go straight ahead        Track from Woodhouse End Road


Cross over the field to exit onto Woodhouse End Lane.  Turn left, and then quickly right into a farm track.


A sunset view of Gawsworth        Public footpath back across to Woodhouse End Lane


You should be able to see St James' Church, Gawsworth over to your right.  At the end of the track, turn left onto a public footpath to lead back onto Woodhouse End Lane.


Woodhouse End Lane        Bridge over the railway on Woodhouse End Lane


Continue ahead onto Woodhouse End Lane and cross back over the railway, this time on a road bridge.


Public footpath across Woodhouse Green Farm        Woodhouse Green Farm


After a short distance, a public footpath leads off from the left and through a farmyard.  Take this path and follow around the back of the farm buildings at Woodhouse Green Farm.


Switch to the other side of the hedge at this point        Footbridge over the canal


Look out for a metal gate beside a larger gateway (that might be open).  At this point switch to the other side of the field boundary so that the hedge is now on your right.


Gate leading to the steps up to the canal Steps up to the canal Climbing up towards Sutton Reservoir


Continue down the centre of the field, looking out for a metal gate ahead.  This leads you to a small staircase back up to the canal.  Turn left, briefly on the canal towpath, and cross the footbridge.  Cross over the A523 main road and enter the area for Sutton Reservoir.


Entrance to Sutton Reservoir        Western end of Sutton Reservoir


The mapped public right of way follows an initially banked path towards the right (south) of the reservoir.  Ignore this, and take the wider path heading up on the left.


Sutton Reservoir        Good gravel path around Sutton Reservoir


From the top of the dam, continue around the north side of the reservoir as it becomes a good gravel path designed for anglers.  You may also see some open water swimming enthusiasts around here!


Path continues around the eastern end of Sutton Reservoir        Sutton Reservoir at dusk


At the eastern end of the reservoir, there is a gate onto Leek Old Road.  Ignore this, and bend around to the right, continuing to follow the footpath between the road wall and the reservoir.  Then exit onto Leek Old Road and cross over.


Start of footpath from Sutton Reservoir to Sutton village        Path from Sutton Reservoir to Sutton village


Take the public footpath on the other side of the road.  This is a very pleasant path, initially through nice woodland, that eventually leads to Sutton Lane Ends.


Symondley Farm        Bog crossing in Symondley Farm


The path follows the right-hand bank of a small stream to a stone bridge.  Continue straight on here, still following the right-hand bank of the stream.  As the field narrows to a corner, there is a boggy crossing to continue on the public right of way.  It looks much worse than it actually is!


Approaching Symondley Road, Sutton Lane Ends        Sutton Ex-Servicemen's Club & Village Hall


The footpath now proceeds towards some houses.  This is Symondley Lane.  Carry on walking down the lane towards the village centre, marked by the Ex-Servicemen's Club at Sutton and a traditional red telephone box, now housing a defibrillator.


A traditional red defibrillator box! Entering the riverside path to Sutton Hall Rossendale Brook


Continue straight on into Hall Lane in Sutton village, then look for a public footpath veering off to the left.  Follow this pleasant riverside path along Rossendale Brook.  Some of the later parts of this path may become very waterlogged, but there is an alternative to the left, following close by a wire fence if required.


Path towards Sutton Hall        Footpath towards Sutton Hall


When the path emerges into an open field, initially head straight on towards an opening into an adjacent field, but curve around to the right.  Look for the footpath waymarker post in a tree stump to guide the way.  Cross a stile and bear left to follow an access road down to Bullocks Lane.


Entrance to Sutton Hall on Bullocks Lane        Ever get that sinking feeling?


Turn right onto Bullocks Lane and pass the main entrance for Sutton Hall.  Cross the canal bridge and then enter onto the towpath.  Turn sharp right to pass back underneath the Bullocks Lane bridge.


Macclesfield canal at Bullocks Lane        Exit the Macclesfield Canal at the A523, Lyme Green


Walk along the canal towpath for about half-a-mile to the next bridge, carrying the A523 London Road at Lyme Green.  Exit the canal here and cross the road.


Footbridge over the canal at Lyme Green        End of the route at Lyme View


Walk over the footbridge adjacent to the main road bridge over the canal, then turn left into Lindrum Avenue.  Turn right into Robin Lane, and the route is complete.