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Lockdown 37


Route description & photos

The route starts on Chiltern Avenue in the Ivy area of Macclesfield.  It should be possible to find some on-street parkign around here or nearby streets in times when this sort of travel is permitted.  However, in the spirit of the 'Lockdown Walks' project, if you can walk from your home to get here, you probably should!


Arley Close, off Chiltern Avenue        Chiltern Avenue, off Ivy Road


Walk west out of Chiltern Avenue onto Ivy Road.  There is a large Co-op here if you need to get food items for your rucksack.  I got the 3.50 "meal deal" of a sandwich (All Day Breakfast), snack (Ginsters Cornish Pastie) and a drink (Purdey's Rejuvenate).


Ivy Road Co-op        Public footpath into New Farm, from Gawsworth Road


Bear left to walk a short distance along Ivy Road before turning right up Kendal Road.  At the top, turn left into Earlsway, and then left again into Gawsworth Road.  Fear not though, because that is the last of the road walking for most of the rest of the route!  After a few yards along Gawsworth Road, look for a public footpath into a field on the right. 


Trig point in New Farm        Small pond as you pass through New Farm


This is New Farm.  The official line of the public footpath runs along the left-hand boundary of the field.  However, if you head up the small hill on your right, there is a trig point to take in.  From the trig point, bear partially left and aim to descend down the centre of the field towards the centre of the field boundary opposite.  This will being you to a wide opening into the next field, as well as avoid a badly waterlogged area where the official line of the footpath goes through a kissing gate.  After descending a little more, you will pass a small pond on your left, and then angle left to aim for a gate onto a track.  Ignore the footbridge over to the right, which is a different public footpath.


Track from New Farm down to Underbank        Track to Underbank Farm


There is now a very pleasant, and very quiet walk down a long track to Underbank Farm.  This runs approximately parallel to Gawsworth Road, but its infinitely more pleasant and safer then walking down that busy pathless road!


Underbank Farm        Gate at the back of Underbank Farm


You pass between the farmhouse and storage sheds at Underbank, then pass a small pool before emerging through a gate at the back.  The footpath now continues on the right-hand side of the field, alongside a small stream.  This takes you down to Dark Lane, opposite Trevors Close Farm.  Turn left onto Dark Lane and walk down to the junction with Gawsworth Road at Warren.


Exit onto Dark Lane        Junction of Dark Lane and Gawsworth Road


Do not continue as far as the crossroads with the A536 Macclesfield-Congleton road.  Instead, take the public footpath opposite Gawsworth Road into Newbarn Farm.  After the initial field, this becomes a pleasant wide track between two fences.


Public footpath from Warren into Newbarn Farm        Public footpath through Newbarn Farm


When a double stile is reached, one public footpath goes straight ahead, while the one we want turns sharp left.  This brings you out onto Marton Lane, which is crossed to continue directly ahead on the access track towards Mill End Farm.


Turn left at this junction of paths        Straight over Marton Lane


The road to Mill End Farm initially has a very good tarmac surface.  At the point where this access road turns sharp right to continue into Mill End Farm, we carry straight on.  Take care where a substantial concrete-surfaced track appears to continue ahead, as you might miss a kissing gate on the left (pictured below) - I did on my first visit!  This is our route across towards the A536.


Public footpath and access road towards Mill End Farm        An easy to miss left turning off the farm track


There are a couple of rather damp and boggy sections to negotiate here, but nothing that isn't escaped within four or five strides!  A wooden gate leads onto a more pleasant short path beside some trees.


A rather boggy bit!        Heading towards the main Macclesfield-Congleton A536 road


This public footpath then encounters some metal railings as it joins the vehicle entrance for the Tarmac works at Gawsworth. 


Public footpath emerges at the entrance to Tarmac, Congleton Road        Tarmac, Gawsworth


Cross the main A536 Macclesfield-to-Congleton road, and directly up a staircase, marked with a public footpath sign.


Steps up from Congleton Road        Footpath heading towards the church in Gawsworth


This leads through a field then into a lovely tree-lined path into Gawsworth.  You can see St James Church ahead.


Pleasant tree-lined path towards Gawsworth St James Church, Gawsworth View from the churchyard


Walk through the churchyard before turning left between two pools to join the road.  Turn right to follow towards Gawsworth Hall. 


St James Church, Gawsworth        One of several pools near Gawsworth Hall


Where the road turns sharply to the left, turn right onto the public footpath, still heading towards Gawsworth Hall. 


Gawsworth Hall        Gawsworth Hall


This is a Tudor mansion, and well worth a look around when open.


Footpath approaching Gawsworth Hall        Gawsworth Hall


Shortly past the main entrance to Gawsworth Hall, you pass the Robert Peel statue on the left and then a row of buildings on the right.


Robert Peel statue, Gawsworth Near Gawsworth Hall Another pool near Gawsworth Hall


Another pool is passed before the footpath continues in a straight easterly line over fields.


Heading east away from Gawsworth        Public footpath follows the right-hand field boundary in a long straight line


Continue ahead following the right-hand field boundary, until a track between two kissing gates is reach.


Turn left into this track after passing through the gate        Track down to Woodhouse Lane


Turn left and follow the track down to Woodhouse Lane.


Woodhouse Lane        Public footpath from Woodhouse Lane 


At Woodhouse Lane, turn left for a very short distance, before taking a public footpath on your right.


At this field corner, bear right; do not continue ahead through the gap    crossroads of public footpaths; straight ahead for Danes Moss


At the first field corner, it is tempting to continue ahead through a gap in the trees.  However, the route here bends around to the right and follows the tree line down to a stile and a crossroads of public footpaths.


Right turning at the crossroads of paths             Start of the Danes Moss Nature Reserve area


At the crossroads of paths, continue straight ahead following the sign for 'Danes Moss Nature Reserve'.


Danes Moss Nature Reserve        Footpath through Danes Moss Nature Reserve


Keep your eyes open for interesting wildlife as you pass through the nature reserve.  Lizards can be spotted here in summer - and I can confirm that I've seen them myself.


Remnants of the old Danes Moss Tramway that used to bring peat across to the main railway line  A boardwalk to the right if you want to explore deeper into the nature reserve  One of the pools to the left of the path.  Accessible - if you dare - by some precariously placed planks!


Also look out for the sleepers from an old tramway that used to transport peat from Danes Moss over to the main railway line.  You will see a couple of boardwalk paths going off to the right.  These are either end of a circular loop, so could form an optional diversion.  Otherwise, continue straight on the main path which brings you to a green footbridge over the mainline railway.


Footbridge over the railway        West Coast Mainline, looking north towards Macclesfield


The footpath now joins the Macclesfield Canal, and there is a pleasant picnic site on the left here for a rest if desired.  The swing bridge here leads to an alternative path that also arrives at the next canal bridge at Gaw End Lane. but we will turn left and walk along the towpath.


Picnic area where the path from the nature reseve meets the canal        Swing bridge at Moss Head Farm


I was accompanied by a sociable and confident robin on my visit for the duration of my rest stop!


Unannounced lunch visitor        Macclesfield Canal


Exit the canal at the very next bridge at Gaw End Lane.  Turn left and drop back down to the railway line, passing a World War II pillbox on the right.


Gaw End Lane        Pill box on Gaw End Lane


This cul-de-sac is unfortunately a bit of a fly-tipping spot, so press on and get over the railway footbridge back to some more pleasant walking - briefly anyway!


Footbridge over the railway at the end of Gaw End Lane        Back into another part of Danes Moss


We are now back into another section of Danes Moss.  At a junction of paths, the one going sharp left leads, eventually, to the playing fields off Congleton Road.  It also provides an access point to walk over the landfill site, which is quite interesting - and actually pretty weird!  Some of the terrain is steep, muddy or boggy though in this area.  That is not part of the route though, so we continue on the path as it passes curves round and eventually passes between some scrap metal yards.


Path between Danes Moss and Turf Lane        Turf Lane - between the scrapyards!

This takes you all the way to Moss Lane.  Turn left into Moss Lane and walk past the Golden Lion pub and straight ahead onto Stamford Road.

Stamford Road        Start of footpath through Moss Lane Allotments

Follow Stamford Road to a sharp corner bend.  At this point, turn left into the public footpath through the Moss Lane allotments.  There are many allotments here, and usually quite a few people out tending to them.

Footpath through Moss Lane Allotments Flower Pot Greenway (Moss) Flower Pot Greenway approaching Flower Pot junction

Ignore a couple of right turns off the path, keeping straight on between the allotments.  The path emerges onto the southern end of the Flower Pot Greenway.  Bear right to follow the greenway route up to Congleton Road, near the Flower Pot junction. 

Exiting the Flower Pot Greenway onto Congleton Road  Flower Pot pub, Congleton Road  Continuing the Flower Pot Greenway into Sycamore Cresent


From this point, the official route of the Flower Pot Greenway goes up Ivy Lane before turning right into Sycamore Crescent.  Turn left down a narrow ginnel down to Amberley Road.


Ginnel from Sycamore Crescent to Amberley Road  Ginnel from Sycamore Crescent to Amberley Road  Nearly at the end of the route!


Continue straight ahead up Amberley Road, and turn right into Farnham Avenue to bring you back to the start point on Chiltern Avenue.  The route is complete.


Back onto Chiltern Avenue        All done!