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Lockdown 41


Route description & photos

Start from the old North Staffordshire Railway (disused) line at Oak Road, Westwood, just to the west of Leek.  Commence walking North West towards Rudyard.


Old Hall, Westwood College        North Staffordshire Railway line at Westwood


The first section of walking is serene and easy, following the flat and straight route of the old Leek to Rudyard railway line.


NSR (disused) towards Rudyard        Very easy walking


A couple of bridges are crossed, and views open up to either side.


First of several bridges the line goes over        Crossing an old railway viaduct


A short section continues between tall embankments, and continues over more old viaducts carrying the old line.


Railway embankments        Exit at this bridge


The path passes through a fence and into a car park as Rudyard station is approached.


Dismantled railway route continues        Approaching Rudyard


Rudyard station is a pleasant and interesting spectacle along the route.


Rudyard station        Rudyard station


Rudyard station looks more like an oversized toy train set than a miniature railway!


Rudyard station        Rudyard station


After the station, follow the railway line to the dam.


Railway going towards the lake        Approaching the dam


At the dam, turn left to cross a footbridge onto the dam itself.


The Dam station        Bridge onto the dam


Continue across the dam.  Refreshments are available at the boathouse, or at the nearby Hotel Rudyard.


Rudyard Lake        Footpath down to the foot of the dam


From the end of the dam, turn sharp left to drop down to the foot of the dam wall.


Start of the canal feeder        Standing below the dam


Bear right onto the path that follows the canal feeder.


Hotel Rudyard        Canal feeder path


Continue along the canal feeder path as Hotel Rudyard stands tall on your right-hand-side.  Look out for a double set of gates, between which you turn left to rejoin the old railway.


Canal feeder path        Almost time to rejoin the dismantled railway line


Climb the stairs on the right of the bridge, and then turn right onto the same railway path as walked out on earlier.


Climb the steps to rejoing the old railway line        Heading back towards Leek (Westwood)


Continue down the old railway line until a stone bridge becomes visible.  The exit onto the road is on the right just before the bridge, and the route is complete.


One of several bridges to pass over        The route completes just before the bridge is reached