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Lockdown 42


Route description & photos

Start from Tegg's Nose Country Park.  This is a pay and display car park, and i would recommend allowing 5-6 hours for this route.  Head out of the car park and turn right onto Buxton Old Road.  Turn left to follow the Gritstone Trail route past Windyways.  Look out for a wall still near the track corner, where the Gritstone Trail route leaves the track - so does this route.

Tegg's Nose Country Park entrance        Public footpath from Brink Farm to Walker Barn

Follow the grassy path over and down the hill.  At a crossroads of paths, turn right to head towards and through Brink Farm.

Approaching Walker Barn        Peak District National Park border stone

The path descends to the main A537 Macclesfield-to-Buxton road.  Cross over, pass the former Setter Dog pub, and continue to the Peak District National Park boundary stone.  Just beyond this, take the stile into the field.

Public footpath from Walker Barn to Lamaload        Lamaload

Follow a series of grassy paths through the fields towards Lamaload Reservoir.  Where there is a fork in the paths, bear right.

Woodland footpath south of Lamaload        Climbing away from Lamaload

Continue on the path as it works its way around the south of Lamaload and then joins a road.  Turn left onto the road and walk down towards Lamaload. 

Lamaload Reservoir  Turning onto the public footpath  View of Shutlingsloe

At a corner in the road, turn right onto a public footpath.  This weaving and undulating path takes you all the way to the summit of Shining Tor.

Shining Tor summit        Tom M1EYP

From Shining Tor summit, descend towards the Cat & Fiddle.  Turn right at the T-junction of footpaths, and after the next gate, bear right to follow the path down to the Peak View Tearooms.

Permissive path below Peak View        Heading up towards Forest Chapel

Opposite the Peak View Tearooms, a permissive path leads down into a steep valley and down to Bottom of the Oven.  The Stanley Arms pub is just a short walk from here if refreshments are required.  Turn left onto the road, then right onto another road.  Very soon after, turn right onto a stony track uphill to Forest Chapel.

Forerst Chapel        Macclesfield Forest       

Shortly after the chapel, turn right onto Charity Lane, which is just a byway at this end and not suitable for most motor vehicles.  Look for a footpath veering off to the left through the forest, and follow this.

Sighting of Tegg's Nose        Final approach to Tegg's Nose Country Park

Continue straight ahead at each of the numerous path junctions as you progress through Macclesfield Forest.  The path eventually emerges onto Hacked Way Lane, onto which we turn left.  Stay on this track all the way down to the valley bottom.  Turn right onto the path for Tegg's Nose, and bear left to follow the trail back up to the country park car park and tearoom.  The route is complete.

Final climb to the car park        Tegg's Nose Tearoom