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Lockdown 45


Route description & photos

Start from the main A537 Macclesfield to Knutsford road, just to the west of Chelford village centre.  There is parking available on Oak Road or adjacent streets.

Footpath onto Chelford Heath        Footpath to Chelford Heath

Look for a wooden post next to a public footpath sign on the south side of the main road.  Follow this footpath onto Chelford Heath.

Kissing gate on Chelford Heath        Footpath on Chelford Heath

At a T-junction of public footpaths, turn left.

Common Farm Lane        Footpath from Common Farm Lane to Peover Lane

Continue ahead onto another public footpath at Heath Farm.  Continuing straight head, you are brought to a tunnel under the railway line.  Mind your head!

Footpath tunnels underneath the railway        Continuing along the path to Peover Lane

Turn left into the road and walk down this to Chelford roundabout.  Here you will find the Chelford Corner Shoppe, selling some nice produce for lunch or breakfast depending on your timing.

Peover Lane        Chelford Corner Shoppe

At the roundabout and shop, turn right onto the A535.

Underpass under the railway line  St John's Church, Chelford  Start of path to Siddington from St John's Church

Continue down the A535 Holmes Chapel road until you reach St John's Church on the left.  Turn left to pass between houses, walking along a paved road.  Behind the houses, you will see a public footpath sign marked for the village of Siddington.  Follow this across the coming fields.

Siddington footpath sign Footpath to Siddington Tom, behind St John's Church, Chelford

This path leads you to Astle Farm (West).  Turn left onto the farm road, crossing the brick bridge.

Footpath towards Astle Farm (West)        Bridge at Astle Farm

Follow the track from Astle Farm up to the main A537 road.  Cross the road and turn right along the pavement.

A537 towards Macclesfield        Start of Stubby Lane

Walk just a short distance before turning left into Stubby Lane (track).  After another short distance, turn left again into a public footpath.

George's Wood        Sandle Heath

The path passes through George's Wood and there are views of a large mere on the right

Sandle Heath        Sandle Heath

After passing through more woodland, the path ahead passes between two large pools, in an almost causeway-like manner.

Sandle Heath        Walking along the 'causeway' between the flooded quarry pits, towards Chelford village

There are good views of the vast expanses of tranquil water either side of the path as it proceeds towards Chelford village.

Sandle Heath        Sandle Heath

When the path eventually reaches Alderley Road, turn left and then almost immediately right to follow another public footpath.

Sandle Heath        Pubic footpath from Alderley Road towards Chelford

The footpath passes along the right-hand boundary of a crop field, with the railway line ahead.

Heading towards the railway line        Heading under the railway line

Pass underneath the railway line and into the edge of a residential estate in Chelford village.  Turn right to follow the woodland path.

Chelford Buzzy Bees Woodland Walk        Chelford Buzzy Bees Woodland Walk

After a short distance, the path turns ninety degrees to the left.  Navigation is easy as there's nowhere else to go!

Turn left onto a track        Continue straight ahead

The path turns ninety degrees left again and becomes a track along the edge of the housing estate.  Continue straight ahead as the track continues past a byway signpost.

Ignore the byways and roads going off to the side, but press on ahead        Continue between the hedge and the house

The path continues between a hedge and a house, then look for some trees on your left.  Walk over the grass between the trees and head straight over into Woodland Close.

Bear left over the brass between the trees        Woodland Close

Turn left off Woodland Close into Woodland End, then look for a 'cut-through' path between a wooden fence and a tall hedge.

Woodland End        Cut-through path from Woodland End

Continue along this path, which turns sharp left to pass a pool.

Cut through path        Path towards the park area

The path approaches a park and football pitch area.  Turn left to follow a trodden path between the local primary school and the football pitch.

Path between the school and football pitch        Exit onto Chelford Road

Finally, the path turns into an alleyway between two tall wooden fences, and out onto Chelford Road.  Turn left to return to the walk start point.  The route is complete.