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Lockdown 47


Route description & photos

Start from Buxton Road, Chinley, in the vicinity of Peak School.  There is plenty of street parking available on this road or on side roads.


Buxton Road, Chinley        Chinley, Cracken Edge in background


Walk west down Buxton Road to its end, then turn right to cross over the railway.  Turn right again into Maynestone Road then quickly left into a public footpath up a few steps and between two hedges.


Footpath towards the Cracken        Ascending towards Cracken Edge


Continue straight ahead as the path begins to gently climb the hillside.  The path becomes steadily steeper as it climbs towards Cracken Edge.


Steeper ascent        Footpath from Cracken Edge


After a steep section, turn right onto the much gentler track running around the shoulder of the hill.


Marianne on Cracken        Footpath from Cracken Edge


Continue along the path as it passes through the disused quarry workings along Cracken Edge.


Tom on Cracken Old quarry workings on Cracken Edge Picnic time!


The old quarry workings offer plenty of quiet sheltered spots for a lunch stop.


Footpath towards Chinley Churn        Heading towards the quarries


The path continues to run around and along the shoulder of the hill without ever striking for the summit.  This is Chinley Churn, and a detour off this route (to the left) would be required to take in the summit.  Note that a nearby trig point is not at the highest point of this hill!


Old quarries        Side of Chinley Churn


The path eventually begins to leave Cracken Edge and descend gently towards Peep-O-Day Farm and Hayfield.


Footpath sign        Footpath down towards Peep-O-Day


When a large gate is reached, pass through and turn right onto the track down to Peep-O-Day.


Approaching Peep-O-Day        Bear right onto the track


Walk down to Peep-O-Day Farm and the A624 Chinley-to-Glossop main road.


Mount Famine in the view ahead        Peep-O-Day Farm comes into view


Cross the main road and turn left, then right onto a public bridleway.  Follow for a short distance before and continue straight over the crossroads with the Pennine Bridleway.


Bridleway track from the A624 road up to the Pennine Bridleway        Path signpost "Via Kinder Valley to Edale"


This track leads up to another wall.  Pass through the gateway then turn immediate right to follow a trodden path alongside the wall towards the imposing looking Mount Famine.


Peep-O-Day Farm Tom on Famine Hill Marianne


The gradient is gentle for the most part, but there is a sudden steep pull up to the summit of Mount Famine, possible requiring some (very) mild scrambling.


Winding path towards the north end of Mount Famine        Turn right to climb Mount Famine


At the summit of Mount Famine, take a well-earned rest and admire the excellent views.


Ascent of Mount Famine        Final approach to the summit of Mount Famine


Continue on the path as it gently descends the south side of Mount Famine.  the next summit of South Head now comes into view.


View from summit of Mount Famine        Descending Mount Famine towards South Head


The path from Mount Famine returns to the Pennine Bridleway.  Turn briefly left onto this, then bear right to take the path to South Head summit.


Marianne and Tom on Famine Hill summit Descent from Famine Hill towards South Head This one walked right up to Marianne!


South Head summit is marked by a cairn.  Just before the summit is a memorial stone to Frank Head.


The climb of South Head from the Pennine Bridleway        memorial to Frank Head on the summit of South Head


Bear right from South Head's summit cairn to follow a long descent down the ridgeline.


Summit of South Head        Beginning the descent of South Head


This path, while not marked on any OS mapping at the time of writing, is clear and well signposted on the ground.


Descent of South head        Long descent of South Head back to Chinley


Several walls are passed either through gateways or over stiles.


Wall stile        Gateway


After the third wall from the summit is crossed, you are now on a path that is marked on OS maps as a permissive footpath.


Wall crossing        Meet the locals!


This continues down to a T-junction of paths, at which we turn right.  A curious and slightly awkward double wall stile is soon crossed.


T-junction of paths - turn right!        An unusual and awkward stile


When the footpath meets a more substantial track at a T-junction, turn left onto this track.


Exit onto footpath track        Footpath track


Turn right into the farmyard at Hollow Shaw and follow the narrow public footpath down the right-hand side of the farm buildings.


Public footpath through the farmyard        Public footpath down a narrow passageway behind a farmhouse


Continue down behind the farm buildings and over the stile at the bottom corner.


Behind the farmhouse        Public footpath out of the farmhouse garden


A rough path follows the dry stone wall and up to the road.


Rough moorland-type field to climb to a road        Looking across towards New Smithy


Turn left onto the road, and then right onto the track towards White Knowl Farm.


Turn right onto the track        Track towards White Knowl Farm


Almost immediately, turn left through a narrow gate to walk down beside a wall on your left.  At a wide gateway opening, pass through and bear right.


Almost immediately, a left turn off the track into a field        Pass through the gateway


Keep walking beside the wall which is now on your right-hand side and onto the bridge over the railway line.


Follow the wall        Approaching the railway crossing


Walk over the railway bridge then continue ahead to the road.


The bridge carrying the footpath over the railway        Footpath bridge


Turn right onto the road to return to the start/finish point of the walk.  The route is complete.


Looking east from the bridge        Peak School, Buxton Road