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Lockdown 48


Route description & photos

Start from Peep-O-Day Farm, just off the A624 Chapel-on-le-Frith to Glossop road.  There is good free parking here for several cars.


Peep-O-Day Farm - parking available here        Bridleway from the A624


Turn left into the A624 (towards Glossop) and walk a few yards before crossing over to take the public bridleway.


Straight over the Pennine Bridleway onto the Edale path        Footpath sign


Follow the bridleway up to its junction with the Pennine Bridleway.  Go straight across to take the Edale path.


Looking ahead to Kinderlow End        Dropping into Coldwell Clough


You will pass the north and of Mount Famine (on your right) then the path swings left to descend into Coldwell Clough.  Turn right at the bottom and follow the farm road.


More direct route down to Coldwell Clough        Wooden footbridge


Alternatively, there is a faint path through the grass on the right, that heads more directly and steeply down.  It crosses a couple of stiles and a wooden footbridge. 


Dropping down into Coldwell Clough        Walled track after crossing the stream


It is easy to miss; don't worry if you do because the main path drops into Coldwell Clough anyway.


Heading to the left of Mount Famine Steps up Kinderlow End Tom M1EYP


The road passes through the farm and industrial area before striking gently uphill towards the Kinder Scout mountain.


Looking ahead towards Kinder Scout        Stonier track gaining height


Eventually the track becomes rougher and stonier, but we press on and continue to gradually gain height.


Looking back across to South Head and Mount Famine        Left turn off the track here


Glancing to your right, you should have good views of South Head and Mount Famine, which will be passed much more closely later in the walk.  Turn left at the sign marked "Bridle path to Glossop".


Taking the Glossop path to get to Kinderlow End        Kinderlow End


Remain on this path as it curves around Kinderlow End, but without appearing to get any closer to it.  Don't worry though, is eventually it does! 


NT sign Steep ascent of Kinderlow End Continuing the climb of Kinderlow End


The path passes through another field boundary, and then a clear path strikes right for the distinctive and prominent Kinderlow End.


Kinder Reservoir        Tom on Kinderlow End


The climb up Kinderlow End looks like it's going to be steep and hard work, but when you get to it, it has a staircase arranged into it. 


Kinderlow End Marching on towards Kinder Low trig point Cairn close to Kinder Low


This makes it much easier to gain the height to the edge of the Kinder plateau.


Walking the broad ridge from Kinderlow End to Kinder Low        Boulders!


After reaching Kinderlow End, the gradient eases dramatically, and a very gently sloping path leads the rest of the way to the trig point at Kinder Low.


Path becomes flagged as Kinder Low is approached        First substantial cairn as Kinder Low is neared


The footpath is flagged in places and passes a few large cairns.  The trig point at Kinder Low stands at 633m ASL.  The actual 636m summit of Kinder Scout lies a further kilometre to the north-west.


A vegetated cairn!        Kinder Low trig point


Kinder Low is my usual destination for a walk up "Kinder Scout" though.  The true summit just has a small cairn.


Tom at the summit        Kinder Low summit area


Kinder Scout is one of the so-called "Marilyn" summits - meaning it has at least 150m of topographical prominence.  Therefore it is one of the qualifying summits for the SOTA - Summits on the Air amateur radio awards scheme.


20m band amateur radio aerial Amateur radio rig and battery Sheltering from a rain shower


The descent is commenced by following the Pennine Way route down past Edale Rocks.


Starting the descent route        Edale Rocks


More large cairns are passed, and the Pennine Way path drops to a crossroads of paths after contouring around Edale Rocks.


Large cairn        Following Pennine Way path here for a short distance


At the junction of paths, to the left is the Pennine Way down to Edale, and to the right is the bridleway back to Coldwell Clough, visited earlier.  Ignore both of these, but pass through the gate to continue straight on ahead towards Brown Knoll. 


Footpath along the shoulder of Brown Knoll        Heading towards South Head and Mount Famine


Brown Knoll rises to your left.  If you wish to make an short optional detour to visit the trig point, wait until a substantial stile and obvious path on the left.


Paved section besdie the wall        Approaching South Head


Continue on the path as it gently drops towards the increasingly imposing South Head.


Track around South Head towards Mount Famine        Track along the side of Mount Famine


As the steep slopes to the summit of South Head are reached, so is the Pennine Bridleway, onto which we turn right.  Walk along the track as it contours the lower slopes of Mount Famine, which rises to your right.  Continue down to the crossroads of paths visited earlier, and turn left to follow the bridleway back to the A624 road.


Pennine Bridleway        Pennine Bridleway as the route nears completion


Cross the road, turn left, walk along the grass verge, and then turn right to return to Peep-O-Day Farm.  The route is complete.