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Lockdown 49



Route description & photos

Park on Kishfield Lane, Kettleshulme.  There is space for a couple of cars between a gate and track on the bend of the road.  Walk down Kishfield Lane with the cottages on your left.

Kishfield Lane, Kettleshulme        Kishfield Lane


Continue down the lane until you see a public footpath going off to the right into a wood.  After crossing the footbridge, take the left fork of the paths, both off which now head uphill.


Kishfield Lane Right onto public footpath near Kishfield Bridge Footbridge on public footpath from Kishfield Bridge


The path at this point is signposted for Whaley Bridge.  Continue ahead on the pleasant woodland path.


Bear left to follow the Whaley Bridge direction at this junction of public footpaths        Public footpath towards Toddbrook Reservoir


Bear left on the path to continue with Todd Brook underneath you to the left.


Lovely woodland footpath towards Toddbrook Reservoir        Todd Brook


The path emerges from the trees at a weir at the western end of Toddbrook Reservoir.  Cross the weir* to join the main reservoir track.  [Please note that at the present time, the public footpath route over the weir is closed due to works].


Public footpath towards Toddbrook Reservoir        Crossing of Todd Brook by a weir - closed at the present time


A good track now leads between a small stream, and the large Toddbrook Reservoir.  It is a while before the views over the reservoir open up.


Descending from the weir on the approach to Toddbrook Reservoir        Footpath towards Toddbrook Reservoir


The path continues past some cottages on the left, and the views over Toddbrook Reservoir begin to appear on the right.


Footpath towards Toddbrook Reservoir        Footpath towards Toddbrook Reservoir


The reservoir level was very low at the time of writing, probably due to the reservoir being mostly drained in order to facilitate the emergency works on the dam wall.


Footpath towards Toddbrook Reservoir        Toddbrook Reservoir - very low level!


The path is currently closed as it nears the dam, but our route exits over a footbridge on the left.


Exiting the reservoir path onto the road        Toddbrook Reservoir dam


Turn right to walk down Reservoir Road into the town centre of Whaley Bridge.


Culvert from Toddbrook Reservoir towards Whaley Bridge town centre        Near Whaley Bridge town centre


You could do a lot worse than pick up lunch at the Bridge in Whaley.  The hot and cold sandwiches, made to order, are really good, as are the homemade pies.  They often have a spciy jackfruit pie available, which is highly recommended.  Good coffee and traybakes available here too.  No need to go hungry on this route!


Approaching Whaley Bridge town centre        The Bridge Bakehouse


Walk down the side road that drops beside and below the main A6 road.  This leads to the canal heritage area, where there are picnic tables for you to enjoy your lunch!


Road leading down to the canal basin        Liam enjoying a jackfruit pie from the bakehouse


There is often a very friendly dog hanging around High Peak Heritage Crafts, who will likely bring you a stick in the hope you'll throw it!


High Peak Heritage Crafts        This dog is usually there and always wants you to throw it a stick!


To continue the walk, pass around the back of the old canal terminus building, and onto the public footpath.


Liam at the canal terminus        Start of the canal towpath


This leads, via a narrow footbridge, to the canal towpath on the right-hand side of the canal in the direction we are walking.


Start of the Peak Forest Canal        Peak Forest Canal


At a canal junction, where you could turn right to walk up to Buxworth, cross over the footbridge to continue on the same canal in the same direction as before.


Peak Forest Canal        Start of the spur towards Bugsworth Basin


This part of our route is on the Goyt Way trail.


Footbridge 37        Goyt Way signage


We continue along the canal in the direction of Marple.


Peak Forest Canal signpost        Peak Forest Canal


After passing under two main road bridges, look out for a metal footbridge, which is our exit from the canal.


Exit the canal via this footbridge        Pass under the viaduct then turn immediate left


Cross over the main road and continue ahead to pass under the viaduct.  Immediately after the viaduct, turn right to follow a public footpath up to the railway line.


Path up towards the railway line        Sheffield to Manchester line


Continue on the path as it rises and starts to veer away from the railway.  Cross a stile into open farmland and turn sharp right to follow the fence up towards the farmhouse.


Path starts to rise and veer slightly away from the railway        Bear right to head up the field towards Hockerley


Look out for the chickens on your left!


Heading towards Hockerley  Two chickens  Lots of chickens!


The path emerges at Hockerley.  Continue between houses towards a gate and field.  Enter the field via a stone stile to the right of the gate.  Turn left to follow the path along the field boundary.


Hockerley        Grassy path beside a wall from Hockerley to Stoneheads


Continue along the path with the dry stone wall on your left.  The path emerges at Stoneheads.  Bear right to walk up to the main road.


Continuing the path from Hockerley to Stoneheads Track towards Stoneheads Stoneheads


Cross over the road to join another public footpath that begins through a narrow walled passageway.


Stoneheads        Public footpath from Stoneheads


After a short narrow path between a wall and a fence, the route enters open country.  Head diagonally left towards some trees.


Start of the path from Stoneheads Path climbing away from Stoneheads Liam walking away from Stoneheads


Pass the trees and continue to head sort of diagonally across the field, slightly uphill.  Look ahead and look for a slight 'gap' in the wall.  This is the crossing point and you should head towards this.


Wall crossing above Stoneheads Second wall crossing above Stoneheads Shoulder of Hawkhurst Head


There are two wall crossings in relatively quick succession.  The first is a wall stile through a gap in the upper part, and the second a ladder stile.


Track down towards Kishfield Lane Bear right halfway down the track - tricky navigation here! Look for the faint dirt path between gorse bushes


Bear left to follow the track beside the stone wall.  Partway down this slope, where it looks like a track "might" be leading off to the right, follow this.  Soon there is no indication of any path of the ground, but continue through the field and begin to drop towards the houses on the left.  A narrow path between gorse bushes leads past the houses and down to Start Lane (the continuation of Kishfield Lane where we were earlier).


Back to Kishfield Lane - but only very briefly!        Public footpath sign on Kishfield Lane


Turn right to walk a very short distance along Start Lane before heading right into another public footpath.  There is quite a junction here; we take the track on the most immediate left, which weaves downhill.


Follow the gravel track nearest to Kishfield Lane, downhill        Digger!


At the bottom, turn right to follow another track which starts to climb gradually.  This leads to New House Farm.


Turn right onto the slightly uphill track        New House Farm


Pass through the farmyard and continue down the track.  You will pass through more farms.


Heading down from New House Farm towards Cornhill Farm Liam & Tom Track to Cornhill Farm


At Cornhill Farm, you bear right into the farmyard in front of the house, then left to continue back out into country.


Cornhill Farm        Bailey's Farm


A track now leads you down past Bailey's Farm and to a country lane.  Turn right into the lane and walk up towards Cornfield Farm.


Track away from Bailey's Farm        Footpath sign from the lane


Just past a house on the left, turn left over a wall stile into a public footpath.  This leads downhill, and some of the ground here can be a little boggy.


Turn right along the lane towards Cornfield Farm Left onto the public footpath from Cornfield Farm Footpath down from Cornfield Farm towards Todd Brook


The footpath continues over stiles and through farmland. 


A very fine looking horse!        A double stile near Todd Brook


You will find yourself walking with Todd Brook on your left, and the ground rising to your right.  Look out for a metal gate in the wall above you on your right; this is your route - and is easy to miss!


Todd Brook        Look out for this gate up to your right


Pass through the gate and turn left onto the track.


Shiny public footpath sign - we want Kettleshulme!        Turn left onto the farm track


The track leads past an old mill and again over Todd Brook.


An old mill        Todd Brook


As the track gently ascends, you will now see the cottages from the very start of the route, up ahead.


Leaving the old mill behind        The start/end point is at the end of this track - the sharp corner on Kishfield Lane


At the end of the track is Kishfield Lane, and the route is complete.  The Swan Inn at Kettleshulme is handily placed for suitable refreshments!


Swan Inn, Kettleshulme        Refreshments!