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Lockdown 7


Route description & photos

Start near The Red Lion pub, Goostrey.  Parking may be available at the pub or nearby on the roadside.  If the station car park is used, then you need to pay.

Red Lion, Goostrey        Goostrey Station

Walk along the road south-easterly to Goostrey railway station and over the bridge.

Goostrey Station        Goostrey Station

After passing over the bridge, look for a farm entrance on the left.  Just inside this - but not visible from the road - is the start of a public footpath heading right into the field.

Railway line south from Goostrey Station        Start of footpath across Blackden Manor Farm

The path is initially only faintly defined, but follows past a pond and then along the edge of the farm fields. 

Entering Blackden Manor Farm        Blackden Manor Farm

After passing right across Blackden Manor Farm, turn right into the road, and then left for the public footpath across Blackyard Farm and towards The Acres Farm.

Footpath around the crops in Blackden Manor Farm        The Acres Farm

Turn left out of the farm to follow a short section of road, then turn right to follow the long driveway (public byway) up to Kermincham Hall.

Approaching the farmyard at The Acres Farm        Start of byway to Kermincham Hall

The track bends around to the left as you pass between the hall and a millpond, and then around to the right past more farm buildings at Deerpark Farm.

Kermincham Hall        Millpond opposite Kermincham Hall

From Deerpark Farm, there is a long straight track down to Brook Farm. 

Deerpark Farm        Track from Deerpark Farm to Brook Farm

Here, turn left to pass through an ugly farmyard before switching back very sharp right to pick up the Dane Valley Way around the back of the farm buildings.

Yard at Brook Farm        Joining the Dance Valley Way around the back of Brook Farm

The Dane Valley Way now follows the shoulder of the bank of the River Dane and is a lot more pleasant.

Dane Valley Way behind Brook Farm        Dane Valley Way

The views open up over the Dane Valley to the left and the DVW continues to be followed

View over the Dane Valley        Waypost on the Dane Valley Way

After crossing a footbridge and emerging from a small wood, take care to angle to the right.  It is easy to continue towards open green space downhill, but this will take you off course.  The main thing to remember is to keep right to maintain roughly the same altitude at this point.

Dane Valley Way        The Cheshire Plain!

If you have got your bearings right here, you will reach a footpath sign and gate (pictured below), which you pass though into another wood.

Dane Valley Way        Dane Valley Way

Continue on the path through the wood, and look out for a rare glimpse of the River Dane.  These are surprisingly infrequenct along this section of the Dane Valley Way!

Dane Valley Way        A rare glance at the River Dane!

Soon the Twemlow Viaduct comes into view.  As you exit the farm, turn left onto the main A535 Holmes Chapel road.  This is a busy road, but there is a verge and then a pavement on the left for most of this section.  Look out for a public footpath on the right to take you down to the Twemlow Viaduct.

Cattle in the shadow of the Twemlow Viaduct        Twemlow Viaduct

Walk under the viaduct then start to angle right to head gradually uphill.  This is now the final section of the walk back to Goostrey village.

Twemlow Viaduct        Twemlow Viaduct

The path emerges from the farm and you turn right onto the road, following around a couple of bends.  Turn left onto the public footpath signed "Goostrey, 3/4 mile".

Climbing out of the Dane Valley back towards Goostrey        Near Blueslate Farm

The famous Lovell radio telescope at Jodrell Bank now comes into view, and if in doubt about directions at this stage - follow the telescope!

Jodrell Bank        Crossing Shear Brook

As the telescope gets bigger on the horizon, the tower of St Luke's Church in Goostrey starts to appear in the distance. 

Church in Goostrey in the distance        Jodrell Bank

The public footpath turns to follow in a very straight course across a corn field, leading to the back of Goostrey Primary School.

Horses near Goostrey        Footpath around the back of Goostrey Primary School

Turn right to follow the path around the back of Goostrey Primary School and then beside the churchyard for St Lukes.  Follow the path right around, or walk through the centre of the churchyard to Goostrey village.

Final footpath into Goostrey village        Churchyard at St Luke's, Goostrey

At the road, turn right to return to your starting point and complete the walk.

St Luke's Church, Goostrey        Red Lion, Goostrey - route completion