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Lockdown 9


Route description & photos

Start at the junction between Penningtons Lane and Gawsworth Road.  There is a rough lay-by where you can park here.  The first section of walking is down Gawsworth Road in the Gawsworth direction.  Take care here because the road is bendy and with no footpaths.  Fortunately, this section is not too long.


Parking spot on Gawsworth Road close to Penningtons Lane        Gawsworth Road


Turn left to follow the driveway up towards Dalehouse Farm.  Just before the farmyard, look out for a stile on your right, which you cross into a field.


Black bull at Dalehouse Farm        Track to Dalehouse Farm


Walk alongside the field perimeter down to a wooden footbridge through a hedge.


Dalehouse Farm        Almost hidden footbridge out of Dalehouse Farm


The path continues now alongside Greenacres, which is on your right hand side. 


Greenacres        Public footpath passing by Greenacres


The path is obvious and continues down to another field corner.


Path from Greenacres to Gawsmoor        Stile to exit Greenacres


As you pass through another stile and hedge, you can now see the new build at Deans Farm ahead of you.  An obvious footpath passes through a kissing gate and up through the driveway of that property, but that is not the route.  Instead pass to the right of the property picking up a fainter public footpath that becomes a track and passes by Gawsmoor to emerge onto the main A536 Macclesfield to Congleton Road.


Deans Farm        Exiting Gawsmoor onto the Macclesfield-Congleton road


Turn right to walk along the pavement down to the crossroads at Warren.  Turn right into Dark Lane.


Warren        The other end of Gawsworth Road


Walk up Dark Lane until you see a public footpath pointing right over a wooden footbridge.  Follow this up to Underbank Farm.


Path from Dark Lane to Underbank Farm        Approaching Underbank Farm


Pass through the farmyard at Underbank, which includes a pond and a storage unit for all sorts of weird products!


Kissing gate into Underbank Farm        Farmhouse at Underbank


Emerge from Underbank onto a tarmac track which you walk along right up to a sharp corner at New Farm.


Track from Underbank Farm to New Farm        Approaching New Farm


At this corner, pass through the kissing gate into New Farm, bearing right to follow the path alongside the hedge.


Kissing gate into New Farm        New Farm


The path passes by a pond and then climbs gently to higher ground.  It is possible to veer slightly left from the path to take in the trig point should you wish to do so.


New Farm        New Farm (Great Weston Fell)


Pass through the kissing gate onto Gawsworth Road, and the route is complete.