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Lockdown 44


Route description & photos

Start from Station Road in the centre of Chelford village.  There may be parking available on this road between the shops and the railway station, or on adjacent streets.  


Village centre        Chelford village


Walk along the main road in the Knutsford (west) direction a short distance.  Turn left into a public footpath onto Chelford Heath.  The start of the path is marked by a wooden post.


Footpath onto Chelford Heath        Footpath to Chelford Heath

Follow the path between the wooden fence and the hedge onto the heath.  Continue in a straight line with the wood on your left.

Kissing gate on Chelford Heath        Footpath on Chelford Heath

At a T-junction of public footpaths, turn left onto a tarmac track.

Common Farm Lane        Footpath from Common Farm Lane to Peover Lane

Continue ahead onto another public footpath at Heath Farm.

Sheep near Common Farm Lane        Footpath tunnels underneath the railway

Continuing straight head, you are brought to a tunnel under the railway line.  Mind your head!

Footpath tunnel under the railway        Footpath between the railway line and Peover Lane

Turn left into the road (Peover Lane) and walk just for a short distance.  Soon there is a public footpath sign pointing to the left.

Peover Lane        Turn left into another public footpath

Follow this public footpath between trees and grass banks down to some houses.  Bear right to follow the track out onto Chelford Road.

Public footpath back towards Chelford        Exit back onto the main road

Cross over, and turn left to walk along the pavement towards Chelford Station.

Chelford Road A537        Chelford Railway Station

Continue on the pavement over the bridge, then drop down the staircase on your right towards the main station entrance.

Road bridge over the railway line        Chelford Station

After descending the steps, turn left into Station Road.  The route is complete.

Steps down to Chelford Station        Station Road