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Pennine Way - The End


The days after returning home from our Pennine Way adventure, brought interviews with the local radio station, two local newspapers, a surprise homecoming party and the gift of some specially engraved tankards, recording our achievement.  Just before awakening each morning, for the next two weeks, I was happily dreaming about the day's walking to come, and then feeling horribly disorientated upon realising I was in my own bed, at home, and not going for a walk.  I had not realised how much my body had got used to the routine.  The next four months would be spent chasing and collecting in all the sponsor money, kindly pledged by our friends, family, locals in the Macclesfield pubs and at football matches, and by radio amateurs across the UK.

Jimmy & Liam on our Pennine Way display stand at the Christmas Fair    Sir Nicholas Winterton M.P. formally announces the presentation of the fundraising cheque

At a presentation in December, we were pleased to hand over the sum of 1412.36 to Friends for Leisure, with our local M.P. Sir Nicholas Winterton stepping in as master of ceremonies.  And with that, the Pennine Way experience was finally ended.  Well not quite.  It still forms the major stimulus to most of our bragging and story-telling in pubs during and after hiking expeditions.  And so it should!

Press articles covering our walk completion and fundraising follow below:

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Even made the front cover of Practical Wireless!

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