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SOTA Region Index



England (G)

Wales (GW)

Jersey (GJ)

G/CE - Central England

GW/MW - Mid Wales GJ/JE - Jersey

G/DC - Devon & Cornwall

GW/NW - North Wales  

G/LD - Lake District

GW/SW - South Wales Guernsey (GU)

G/NP - Northern Pennines

  GU/GU - Guernsey

G/SB - Scottish Borders

Canary Islands (EA8)  

G/SC - Southern Central

EA8/LA - Lanzarote Island

Northern Ireland (GI)

G/SE - Southern England

EA8/TF - Tenerife Island GI/AH - Antrim Hills

G/SP - Southern Pennines

  GI/CA - County Armagh

G/TW - Tees to the Wash

Scotland (GM) GI/MM - Mourne Mountains
G/WB - Welsh Borders GM/CS - Central Scotland GI/SM - Sperrin Mountains
  GM/ES - Eastern Scotland GI/SW - South West
Ireland (EI) GM/NS - Northern Scotland  
EI/IE - Ireland East GM/SS - Southern Scotland Belgium (ON)
EI/IN - Ireland North GM/WS - Western Scotland ON/ON - Belgium
Isle of Man (GD) Luxembourg (LX) Netherlands (PA)
GD/GD - Isle of Man LX/LX - Luxembourg PA/PA - Netherlands

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