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Winter Hill 2003


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Winter Hill summit is occupied by the offices and transmitters of NTL, including the massive television mast that can be seen for miles around, and is a familiar landmark to drivers on the M6 and M61 motorways.  We set out to activate this summit on 2nd January 2003.  We found Ernie G4YYB on 2m while we were mobile, and he kindly navigated us up to Winter Hill.  By walking further up the road beyond the NTL offices, and the main television mast, which appeared on this day to be in several different sections all "floating" on cloud, we discovered the trig point, unfortunately in the middle of a waterlogged field.  We found our way to the trig point, but not without Liam losing a welly in the mud, much to Jimmy's amusement!

Thanks to the following stations, all worked on 2m FM with 2.5 watts:

G4ZJL   Heysham
G3XWB Chris Rawtenstall
G4BWW Peter Southport
G4YYB Ernie Westhoughton
G0NPY Eric Runcorn