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Burgiehill CS-123


Burgiehill, GM/CS-123 - 254m ASL - NJ 097 559 - OS Explorer 423 - 1 SOTA point         Map & summit information from SOTAwatch    Click to return to summit index


GM trip day 3 - Saturday 1st August 2009 - Burgiehill GM/CS-123

From Hill of the Wangie GM/CS-121, it was a very short drive to get to the start of the track (NJ102569) for Burgiehill GM/CS-123. This was an even easier walk-in than the previous summit, more or less flat along a vehicle access track that spiralled into the summit.

The summit trig was right outside a substantial radio transmitter complex on summit, and there was a huge amount of that horrid QRM you sometimes get in such places. Suffice to say that Jimmy still insisted on trying to get QSOs on 2m FM as usual, and suffice to say he didn't get any!

Jimmy MM3EYP/P on GM/CS-123        Transmitters on Burgiehill

I did 80m CW again, but results were similarly uninspiring as on the earlier summit. I got my four QSOs on nothing further. Jimmy tried to get his on 80m SSB, but failed to solicit any response despite self-spotting. I had worked Roy G4SSH on 80m CW, so I 'phoned him and got him to listen on Jimmy's SSB frequency. The result was that not a thing could be heard.

I concluded that 80m was not in good shape, and set up for 40m instead. Roy kindly spotted Jimmy on 7.160MHz SSB, and here things burst into life, and Jimmy finally got his point.

Tom MM1EYP/P on Burgiehill GM/CS-123    Jimmy still calling!

It was a more satisfied feeling as we descended in dwindling twilight through the forest after 10pm. Driving into Lossiemouth, we persuaded a just-closed chippy to let us in and scavenge the remains. Red pudding and chips twice was duly collected, but the proprietors would only accept 1 for the lot, as it was all about to go in the bin!  We got back to the holiday accommodation to get our heads down, for we planned to kick-off with the early morning raids the very next day.

Thanks to the following stations worked on this activation:

G4ELZ 80m CW T
G3WPF 80m CW T
G4SSH 80m CW T
G4BLH 80m CW T