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Teggs Nose to Langley


Teggs Nose Trail sign    Old quarry machinery at Teggs Nose

The bright morning of Tuesday 24th July 2007 began to slightly fade to something more overcast as we approached noon.  After climbing up to the main part of Teggs Nose Country Park, it was nice to have some easy level walk on good tracks for a while as we weaved between the disused quarry pits and relics of old quarry machinery. 

Looking down on Teggs Nose Reservoir    Looking down on Bottoms Reservoir

The level walking surface experience was all too brief however, and we were soon tipping over the edge and making our way steeply down beside the nose of Teggs Nose itself.  Views of Teggs Nose and Bottoms Reservoirs hung below us, while the unmistakable profiles of Shutlingsloe and Sutton Common dominated the horizon ahead.

Shutlingsloe    Sutton Common

As we emerged from the woods at the Langley access to Teggs Nose Country Park, there was, to our surprise, another official Gritstone Trail information board.  Also to our surprise, was the reappearance of the sun, now beating down strongly and forcing Jimmy and I back out of our fleeces.

Jimmy on the descent from Teggs Nose        Langley entrance to Teggs Nose Country Park

Walking along the flat track by Teggs Nose Reservoir seemed very easy compared to the steep rise and fall before and after Teggs Nose, but we were in no way done with hills, either today or over the rest of the trail.  We began to get a little hungry, so we had a small snack, but wanted to get some further distance in before settling down for lunch.

Beside Teggs Nose Reservoir        Drain from Teggs Nose Reservoir into Bottoms Reservoir

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Langley to Sutton Common