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Rogan's Seat NP-014


Rogan's Seat, G/NP-014 - 672m ASL - NY 919 030  - OS Explorer OL30 - 4 SOTA points        Map & summit information from SOTAwatch    Click to return to summit index


Jimmy & Tom, reunited with the Pennine Way - briefly    Kisdon Force

After descending from Kisdon G/NP-026 on Friday 31st October 2008, we now climbed briefly alongside Kisdon Force, and then looped around to pick up the wide bridleway edging up the lower flanks of Rogans Seat G/NP-014. The views down Swaledale were stunning, as was the narrow winding valley through which we were walking. We stopped for lunch (Baxters Deli Soups range: Chilli Beef with Lentils and Buckwheat) in a ruined stone building, and then pressed on. After a series of sharp mini-ascents, we were back on a wide firm stony bridleway track.

Stunning views down Swaledale    Jimmy, early in the ascent of Rogan's Seat

The final approach was confirmed with a sharp left turning, and another firm track to the summit. By now, the snow was coming down moderately, and soon turning the green of the moor to pure white. After identifying (and photographing) the small summit cairn, we used a large long peat hag to settle in under, and shelter from the wind.

Looking back towards Swaledale    Approach to the summit plateau; lunch was taken in the ruined building to the left of the waterfalls

Pile-ups on 80m CW and 80m SSB were worked through by myself and Jimmy respectively. It was another most satisfying activation. In particular, it was special for me being my 700th activation in the SOTA programme. It was also a new unique (my 198th).  The snowy conditions on the high moors were quite stunning, and I don't ever recall snow on Halloween before.

Jimmy at the summit    SOTA pole on the snowy moorland summit    Tom M1EYP/P operating on 80m CW

After a long descent, briefly punctuated to finish the soup and have a Double Decker chocolate bar, we drove to the Black Bull pub in Nateby for a well-earned pint. For the final part of the descent, we walked up through Keld village, rather than up over the steep slippery fields which would have been the more direct route back to the car. For me, this was now by torchlight, because I couldn't see. Richard, Jimmy and Lewis walked on ahead, grumbling about me threatening to ruin their night-vision. It seriously enhanced mine!

Tom at the summit cairn    Jimmy M3EYP/P activating on 80m SSB

The long drive home was exacerbated by a one-hour traffic jam on the M6 in Lancashire. But we made it back to Treacle Town by about 9pm, pretty tired after being out since 6.40am.  A great walk, the highlight of which was the traverse from Kisdon G/NP-026 to Rogans Seat G/NP-014 without touching a road or car park. The latter was a long old walk though!

Richard G3CWI & Lewis    Jimmy & Tom, with 80m antenna

So, the ghost of Kisdon was exorcised (we only got 3 contacts each there last time), and the reputedly long-to-walk-in Rogans Seat was done - this is a real challenge, being up to two hours in and 90 minutes out.  Thanks to all callers, and to Richard & Lewis for their company and the driving. The whole day was a great deal of fun.  The following stations were all worked on 80m with 5 watts:

GW0DSP Connahs Quay Mike CW T
G3RDQ Stockbridge David CW T
G3WPF Wilmslow Reg CW T
DJ5AV Heligenberg Mike CW T
G4ELZ Newton Abbott Jeff CW T
G3OHC Selby Graham CW T
DL8YR Aachen Peter CW T
SM6CMU Valldar Ingemar CW T
G4OBK Pickering Phil CW T
G3RMD Cheltenham Frank CW T
F6CEL Pignicourt Ghislain CW T
G3VQO Horsham Les CW T
DL3HWO Raguhn Herbert CW T
PA0LCE Lage Mierde Louis CW T
G4BLH Brierfield Mike CW T
G6WRW/P View Edge WB-018 Carolyn SSB T, J
GW7AAV Connahs Quay Steve SSB J
G0TRB Tamworth Roger SSB J
G3RMD Cheltenham Frank SSB J
GW0DSP Connahs Quay Mike SSB J
G4ELZ Newton Abbott Jeff SSB J
G0TDM Penrith John SSB J
GX0ANT/A Penrith John SSB J
G4WHA/A Penrith Geoff SSB J
GM7UAU Greenock Steve SSB J
EI9HQ/M County Dublin Declan SSB J