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Kisdon  NP-026


Kisdon G/NP-026 - 499m ASL - SD 899 998 - OS Explorer OL30 - 1 SOTA point        Map & summit information from SOTAwatch    Click to return to summit index


Tuesday 16th February 2010 - Liam's Road Trip, Day 2 - Thornton-in-Craven to Barnard Castle

Start of Day 2 from the Tempest Arms, Thornton-in-Craven    The Cross Keys Inn, East Marton

Double arched bridge, East Marton        Liam in Gargrave

First on Day 2 was the Cross Keys Inn at East Marton. We had eaten here the previous evening before moving onto our accommodation (and another couple of pints) at The Tempest Arms, Thornton-in-Craven. However, this visit to East Marton was to show Liam the double-arched bridge. Unfortunately, I initially used the wrong access gate, leading me onto steep muddy and wet grass, lethally topped with a little fresh overnight snow. I was soon sliding down a bank getting very muddy, and hadn't thought to take an ice axe!

Malham youth hostel    Malham Cove

Gordale Scar        Head of Gordale Scar

Liam in Gordale Scar    Horton-in-Ribblesdale

We paid tribute to Gargrave with a short stop, but we were soon into Malham. I was originally going to take Liam up the Pennine Way to Malham Cove, but following a recommendation from Geoff G6MZX, I turned right over the bridge and followed the road to the end. Liam and I then walked right into Gordale Scar, but didn't attempt to follow the other walkers who were scrambling up the waterfall at the end! On the return walk, I noticed a sign on the gate that warned of a "difficult ascent in 0.5 miles"!

The Crown, Horton    Ribblehead Viaduct

Hawes youth hostel    Liam's favourite place in the World!

Horton-in-Ribblesdale prompted only the briefest of stops, but Hawes demanded a visit to Liam's Favourite Place In The World - the Hawes Wensleysale Creamery and Visitor Centre. Having sampled the samples, we opted of a block of smoked blue Wensleydale and a piece of fruit cake to take away for our later lunch.

Keld Lodge, formerly the youth hostel    Keld village with Kisdon behind

Next stop was Keld, and Liam initially walking enthusiastically, motivated by his Wensleysale lunch to follow. His mood diminished as the gradient increased and he spotted a fishing pole sticking out of my rucksack! The funny thing was, with all the snow down, he hadn't recognised Kisdon G/NP-026 at all! The snow was very deep across the top, but firmly consolidated, so progress wasn't an issue.

Tom M1EYP/P on Kisdon G/NP-026    Summit of Kisdon NP-026

At the summit, I set up for 80m and started dishing out the lunch goodies. It started snowing heavily, but not for long. Then trouble! Network coverage was patchy, so my 'phone was showing "Limited service". This normally means 999 calls only. I tried sending a text on the off-chance - to a distribution list of a few likely suspects - and after a few minutes the calls started to come in. Thanks to Sean M0GIA, Jimmy M3EYP, Geoff G6MZX and Richard G3CWI. After a slow start, I made a modest run of contacts into a few DXCCs. A move up the band to offer the summit on SSB resulted in no more replies. It was now getting very cold, so I decided that we should be getting moving again.

80m dipole on Kisdon    Liam on Kisdon

The descent to the car was quick, and we set off on the top road to the Tan Hill Inn. I was soon regretting this, as up on the top the road was no more than two tyre tracks in a sea of white, and the tracks were white as well! I took it very steadily, and nursed the car to the Tan Hill Inn. We had a quick drink and a chat here, then made a sharp exit down the road towards Reeth, which had been treated. However, the road turning off towards Bowes had not, and I was driving in more difficult winter conditions again! I was pleased to join the A66!

Many thanks to the following stations worked on this activation:

DJ5AV 80m CW
F6CEL 80m CW
G0HIO 80m CW
G4OBK 80m CW
G3WPF 80m CW
G0NUP 80m CW
G6LUG 80m CW

Eating the fruit cake from the Hawes Creamery    Liam on Tan Hill

Tan Hill Inn    Behind the bar in the Tan Hill Inn

Bowes was dead. Even the residential properties didn't seem to have any lights on, there weren't any shops and the Ancient Unicorn Inn - our prospective dinner bed & breakfast for the night - looked very very closed!  Instead we drove into Barnard Castle, and had a very good curry, and a very average bed & breakfast there instead.

Ancient Unicorn at Bowes        B&B in Barnard Castle

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