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Yarlside NP-019


Yarlside, G/NP-019 - 639m ASL - SD 685 985  - OS Explorer OL19 - 4 SOTA points        Map & summit information from SOTAwatch    Click to return to summit index


After activating The Calf NP-013 on Tuesday 28th October 2008, we descended back to the top of Cautley Spout.  Here we continued straight on, following the green path ahead towards the big green dome of Yarlside. It was looking superb in the bright afternoon sunshine. Despite the cold, it had remained dry and bright with only minimal wind, so we were pleased with that. That morning's BBC TV forecast had indicated the possibility of a sharp lunchtime shower. This was looking less likely in increasingly clear and deep blue skies.

Lunch spot halfway up Yarlside    Jimmy having a rest, and some soup

We crossed the saddle and followed the faint path up the steep grassy slopes. Here, the walking became less pleasant, with the route much less distinct, and the steep slopes putting extra pressure on the ankles. We intercepted the gully at Bowderdale Head and followed that upwards until the land suddenly became much steeper. Jimmy wasn't sure how to proceed. I was sure - that I needed a rest and a spot of lunch.

Approaching the summit of Yarlside    View from the summit

We got the foam mats out and plonked down by the babbling brook on very steep ground. A couple of cups of Root Vegetable and Butternut Squash soup (delicious - recommended) and a Cadbury's Boost bar each replenished our energy and mental resources sufficiently to attack the remaining climb with renewed vigour and confidence.

Tom at the summit of Yarlside    Jimmy at the summit cairn

It was still a steep pull up onto the ridge which took lots of effort, but once there we were greeted with an easy distinct path to the summit. After the customary photographs by the summit cairn, we set up the 2m SOTA Beam (horizontally again) a couple of metres down in lee of the wind. The views from our operating position were stunning. This time we made 4 contacts on 2m CW, 5 on 2m SSB and 3 on 2m FM, a total of 5 for Jimmy and 7 for Tom.

Tom M1EYP/P about to activate Yarlside G/NP-019    Lovely views while operating    Tom M1EYP/P on the mike

For the descent route, we followed the ridge down over Ben End, and dropped down to meet the bridleway back to the layby and the Cross Keys Inn. Although the ground was definitely damp, it was not the unpleasant bog that Steve G1INK had encountered here two days earlier. Plus we had the added bonus that it didn't rain at all, all day. My mind began to turn to the prospect of hand-pulled Black Sheep Bitter and homemade pork and black pudding pies. Until we saw two depressing signs on the inn: "Unlicensed" and "Closed".

Jimmy, back at the car, nearly asleep!    The Cross Keys Inn - closed, and unlicensed :(

So homeward bound it was for a Weston Balti and a bottle of red wine. A splendid day out with a super circular walk. Plus two SOTA uniques and 8 points. Thanks to all callers, especially the intrepid 2m CWers.

G0TDM Penrith John 2m CW T
G4BLH Brierfield Mike 2m CW T
G4OWG Rawdon Roger 2m CW T
GW0DSP Connahs Quay Mike 2m SSB J
G0TDM Penrith John 2m SSB J
G6MZX Thornton-in-Craven Geoff 2m SSB T, J
GW1LFX Connahs Quay Mike 2m SSB J
GW0DSP Connahs Quay Mike 2m CW T
G0EWN/P Seat Sandal LD-022 Gordon 2m FM T, J
G0TDM Penrith John 2m FM T