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Friend for Leisure street collection

 Press cuttings collected over the years

Jimmy, aged 5    Jimmy, aged 5   

Tom & Marianne - Scrabble!    Daily Star!

Tom - Scrabble    Tom - Scrabble

Newspaper article about Brownhills High School

Macclesfield club field day    Jimmy M3EYP gets licensed   

Roger Read obituary

Macclesfield Express article about dad's wake    Phil Archer G6AKK & Jimmy Read M3EYP

Jimmy M3EYP does Shining Tor 100th activation    Macclesfield club lottery grant   

Macclesfield club new shack opening    Macclesfield Express coverage    SOTA Switzerland

Macclesfield club new shack opening

Community News, May 4th 2006

    Macclesfield Express, May 3rd 2006   

Radio User, April 2006    Monitoring Monthly, June 2006   

Radio User    Macclesfield Community News    Macclesfield Express

Knutsford Guardian    ISWL Monitor

Radcom    Even made the front cover of Practical Wireless!


Tom M1EYP Shack Sloth    Jimmy M3EYP SOTA Beams Challenge

SOTA news 2007    PW article about SOTA Beams Challenge

SOTA news in Monitoring Monthly magazine

Macclesfield & DARS news in Monitoring Monthly magazine

Tom M1EYP Mountain Goat        Tom M1EYP Mountain Goat

Macclesfield Express 2012

Macclesfield Express music column

Stoke Sentinel article about amateur radio course at Brownhills High School

Showbears 2012

"Camp site" - genius!   

Manatees 2012

Macclesfield Express    Nanna's 100th

Mother in the paper (top photo far left, middle photo far right)

El Rio article

Countdown Marianne Liam's Website Jimmy