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Raw Head SP-016


Raw Head, G/SP-016 - 227m ASL - SJ 508 548 - OS Explorer 257 - 1 SOTA point        Map & summit information from SOTAwatch    Click to return to summit index


Fast moving developments! When Jimmy M3EYP, Liam and myself set off to Raw Head on Saturday morning, 11th April 2009, we didn't have a clue that it's very status as a Marilyn - and therefore a SOTA summit - was about to be fatally questioned! Still, there you go, and at least we got our final fling out of it without having to nervously watch an oncoming deadline!

Liam, Jimmy & Tom arrive on summit    Jimmy M3EYP/P in QSO on 2m FM

This was a multi-event day out, with a call in another part of West Cheshire to follow the activation. We parked in the more usual spot at the end of Coppermines Lane, leaving a simple, pleasant and mostly level walk into the summit. The footpath was popular with couples and families on this warm and bright early April morning. After reaching the trig point, we adjourned into the adjacent field to allow room for the radials of the 20m antenna without tripping everyone up.

Liam plays cars, Jimmy operates VHF, Dad is still setting 20m up!        Jimmy headed over to the wall to work S2S with G3CWI/P

Jimmy worked through his 2m handheld, which I also borrowed for the S2S contacts with Jordan M3TMX and Amanda 2E0MND on The Cloud G/SP-015, and Richard G3CWI on Billinge Hill G/SP-017. He made only five QSOs as 2m proved to be rather quiet, but nonetheless rejected my invitations to have a go on 20m SSB.

The 20m Magic Moggy aerial        Liam & Tom having a laugh on Raw Head!

On 20m CW, things weren't much more prolific. Seven QSOs were made to add to the two S2S on 2m FM, before it was time to pack up and walk back to the car, with a deadline pressing for the next activity.

Jimmy directed me to the tip of Chester that straddles the Welsh border, and the Deva Stadium. Yes, the next planned event for the day was Chester City versus Macclesfield Town, and the enjoyment of the day was extended as John Rooney and Gareth Evans secured us a 2-0 victory.

Thanks to all callers, and farewell to Raw Head, which I have activated in each of SOTA's eight years to date.

M3TMX/P on The Cloud SP-015 2m FM J
2E0MND/P on The Cloud SP-015 2m FM T
G3CWI/P on Billinge Hill SP-017 2m FM J, T
9A7W 20m CW T
DJ5AV 20m CW T
9A4MF 20m CW T
LY5G 20m CW T
LZ3SM 20m CW T
2E0BMO 2m FM J
HA8TI 20m CW T

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