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Red Screes LD-017


Red Screes, G/LD-017 - 776m ASL - NY 396 087 - OS Explorer OL7 - 6 SOTA points       Map & summit information from SOTAwatch      Click to return to summit index


Climbing up from the Kirkstone Pass Inn    Still climbing...

I had always, kind of, avoided this one. I was always told that the route straight up from the Kirkstone Pass Inn was too steep and and exposed for someone like me, who doesn't "do" heights.  However, today, Wednesday 23rd July 2008, there was no choice. That was the route. Nonetheless, the excellent full English breakfast at the Kirkstone Pass Inn went down a treat, as did the pot of tea that accompanied it. We thanked our hosts for a very comfortable and well looked-after stay, and set foot outside the inn.

Nearly at the top...           Tom makes the summit

As yesterday, the cloudbase was hovering around the 700m ASL mark, a little below the summit of Red Screes. We walked across the pub car park and through the gate, and followed the stone flagged path to the start of the steep staircase.  What a gift! This stone flagged stairway may strike disgust into the hearts of the purists, but for me it enabled a swift 45 minute ascent to the summit without a hint of exposure. After a rest, a bite to eat and a few photos, we were QRV on 2m FM by 10.20am local, and making 19 contacts.

Jimmy at the trig point    Jimmy in the shelter

This really was a very good start to the day. The height had been quickly gained, and we would now be walking over 2000 feet for most of the day. The Kirkstone Pass Inn looked a long way below us, but it really had been a rapid and straightforward approach.  Jimmy did a little map and compass work before leading us off on the long traverse over to Fairfield G/LD-007.  Thanks to the following stations all worked on 2m FM with 2.5 watts:

G1OPV/P ascending Stony Cove Pike Phil T
G0HDX/P ascending Stony Cove Pike Roy T
G6LKB Ulverston Dave T
M3HGH/M A6 Carnforth Ken T
M0GCF/M near Southwaite John J
GW0DSP Connahs Quay Mike J
G0TDM Penrith John T, J
G0DDU Burscough Jim J
2E0WXL Horton Allen J
M0MXY/P Hale Martin J
G4ZRP Wirral Brian T
G4BLH Brierfield Mike T
M3DLT Skelmersdale Joe T
G4WHA/M Penrith Geoff T
2E0PXW Ellesmere Port Barry T
GW1LDY Broughton Arthur T
M3UHG Skelmersdale Bob T
G0VNV Blackburn Ernie T