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Rhialgwm NW-046


Rhialgwm, GW/NW-046 - 540m ASL - SJ 054 212 - OS Explorer 239 - 2 SOTA points         Map & summit information from SOTAwatch    Click to return to summit index


Following our activation of Allt y Main GW/NW-059 on Thursday 12th April 2007, we were getting hungry, and we were out of energy bars from the supply. We stopped by at a bakery in Llanfilin and bought a savoury pastry each, plus a flapjack each to stuff in rucksacks for snacks on our final hill of the campaign - Rhialgwm GW/NW-046. This was a bonus summit, as we had by now successfully activated all five that I had alerted for.

Tom MW1EYP/P activating on Rhialgwm GW/NW-046    Liam at the summit    Jimmy at the summit

Jimmy completed another successful navigation exercise and brought me to a suitable parking spot adjacent to where the path curls off from the byway south of the summit. This is a very short ascent distance wise, but it is very steep, loose and punishing on tired legs. I bribed Liam with small fragments of his flapjack to motivate him to each successive new mini-objective in the ascent. This worked rather well. When Liam and I climbed on the final approach, the trig point came into view on the horizon, as did a tall lanky silouhette with a SOTA Beam. Good old Jimmy, getting on with the important jobs!

                Activating on GW/NW-046                Liam on Rhialgwm

Beautiful afternoon, shirt-sleeve order on the summit, and all activated and qualified no problem. Those steep loose and badly eroded sections were even worse going down as comping up, but we were in the car and heading home by a quarter to six. Two great days of activating, six summits, one unique (6 uniques for Jimmy as an amateur), great views, beautiful warm and sunny with blue sky weather, good food, beer (the Cobra in the restaurant) and accommodation. Many thanks to all stations that worked and/or spotted us over the two days, and for this page, all the following on 2m FM with 2.5 watts:

2E0KPO Burton-on-Trent Steve T, J
2E0NBR Burton-on-Trent Sharon T, J
G0CSX Macclesfield Oss T, J
G4HZW Knutsford Tony T
M0RAR Cheltenham Nick T, J

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