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Big Collin 2003


This was the second of four summits activated in the Antrim Hills on the third day of our short holiday in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.  Earlier I had activated Carn Hill  AH-010, and following this activation we visited Agnew's Hill AH-005 and Slemish AH-007.  It was Wednesday 23rd April, and becoming a lovely hot sunny day after the cold, mist and fog of earlier.  Taking the B94 NW out of Ballyclare, I pulled into the lay-by and picnic area at J 236 973, and climbed up Big Collin from there.  The summit had no distinguishing features at all, but did have some nice views all around, and particularly to Slemish and Agnew's Hill.   Contacts made included Colin GI0RQK/P,

Big Collin AH-008     Click to return to summit index



Callsign today was MN1SWL/P, club callsign of the International Short Wave League (ISWL) - see my radio page for more details.  Thanks to the following stations, all worked on 2m FM with 2.5  watts:

GI6FHD Portadown Alfred
GI4SRQ near Armagh George
GI0RQK/P Belfast Colin
GI4FUE Aldergrove Charlie