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Moel y Gamelin 2008


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I joined the Macc club in 2005, as the then senior tutor, Phil Archer G6AKK, offered to design a tailored Foundation course for Jimmy (now M3EYP of course). Since then, whenever the topic of "Future Events" has been raised, I have been trying to generate enthusiasm for a club SOTA day out. Unfortunately, apart from Jimmy, I was the youngest member of the club by a good 30 years or so, and one of the only ones in reliable good health! Hence the enthusiasm for SOTA was difficult to inspire, and my idea never happened.

Fast forward to 2008, and the club boasting plenty of young (ish) able-bodied members. This time, the proposal was not even one of my own, even though in notorious EYP style, I got involved and started organising everything!

Greg 2E0RXX, Sean M0GIA and Roger M0GMG were talking about a joint activation of Kinder Scout G/SP-001 over the festive period. Forgetting that I could still get 3 winter bonus points for Kinder, I told them that I had already done it and convinced them that the Ponderosa Pair - Cyrn-y-Brain GW/NW-043 and Moel y Gamelin GW/NW-042 - would be a more suitable outing.

Which, in fact, it was. For the chosen day, Saturday 27th December 2008, was a darned cold one, and 200 feet more altitude would have pushed the outing seriously into the discomfort zone. The three OMs mentioned, plus Greg's son Liam M3ZRY, while not SOTA newbies, were certainly relative novices, and the straightforward routes of the Welsh pair, plus the hospitality afforded by the Ponderosa Cafe made for an ideal location.

Jimmy M3EYP, Sean M0GIA, Roger M0GMG, Liam, Liam M3ZRY & Greg 2E0RXX    The frozen summit of Moel y Gamelin

Jimmy, Liam and I were on the road by 6.50am, and heading to the Lymm Truck Stop. We all tucked into a large cooked breakfast and teas (J2O for Liam), and then resumed out westwards cruise on the M56. Now I was in 2m mobile contact with Roger M0GMG/M, a little ahead of me on the motorway. Roger managed somehow to end up on the A550, so I got ahead of him and was first in the car park at Ponderosa. I noted the "Maximum 2 hours parking" signs, and as usual, went in the cafe to inform that there would be seven of us for lunch, but could we park our three cars there all day? As usual, they agreed.

Soon we were joined by Roger, and then by a car containing Sean M0GIA, Greg 2E0RXX and Liam M3ZRY. We gathered our gear and split into two groups. The two group leaders were Jimmy M3EYP and myself M1EYP. Jimmy led Roger M0GMG and Greg 2E0RXX to Cyrn-y-Brain GW/NW-043, while I took Sean M0GIA and Liam M3ZRY, as well as my son Liam up Moel y Gamelin GW/NW-042.

Liam plodded along at his usual slow but steady pace, and Sean and Liam M3ZRY were soon pushing ahead. They both seemed a touch bewildered by ascending Moel y Faen only to the have to steeply descend before the main climb up to Moel y Gamelin's summit.

We made good time, and dropped down below the summit to its west to set up the HF aerials in relative shelter. Liam MW3ZRY/P and I worked Jimmy MW3EYP/P S2S on 2m FM. Jimmy had left Roger and Greg at the true summit of Cyrn-y-Brain GW/NW-043, but walked on another mile on his own to visit and photograph the trig point for the first time. He was at the trig when we spoke to him. Liam later worked his father S2S. Jimmy had to remind me that I was supposed to be using GC4MWS/P the club callsign of the Macclesfield & District Radio Society, although it wouldn't be the last time I would forget!

Liam MW3ZRY/P completed his activation with four QSOs on 2m FM on his handheld. Sean MW0GIA/P made six contacts on 20m SSB before deciding that it was too cold, and packed away. I wasn't cold, so took it upon myself to extend my own activation to work all the chasers. My son Liam surprised me by asking for, and enjoying a coffee from my flask (yes, no soup today, with lunch at Ponderosa), but then took the opportunity to descend with Sean and the other Liam while I continued to operate.

I made 14 pleasant QSOs on 80m CW, including a very pleasing S2S with John G4YSS, operating GX0OOO/P on Mickle Fell G/NP-002. I had a go on 80m SSB, but to no avail. Meanwhile, over on Cyrn-y-Brain, Jimmy, Roger and Greg had all qualified on 2m FM/SSB, but with none making many more than the requisite four contacts. Like Sean and Liam ZRY, they too had given into the cold. Hence the reports on SOTAwatch of some chasers surprised not to hear much of what may have looked like lots of activity!

As I reached the Ponderosa Cafe, the other six were already there, and some already tucking into their lunch. Despite the breakfast feast at Lymm Truck Stop, Jimmy, Liam and I were all hungry again. Jimmy and Liam both opted for chilli and rice. Well I did too, but only two portions remained. Instead, I had the roast turkey dinner, which was rather good, as well as aptly seasonal.

However, now the cracks were beginning to show. While my team of myself, Sean and the two Liams was all geared up for Cyrn-y-Brain, Jimmy's team was falling apart. Roger M0GMG had already indicated that he would probably just do one summit, lunch and then drive home to Wilmslow. And indeed, he confirmed that this remained his intention. Greg 2E0RXX reported he had been suffering with a back problem since the summer, that he was in considerable discomfort after the first ascent and would be sitting out the afternoon session. At least the Ponderosa provided a welcome refuge in this circumstance, and Jimmy M3EYP was sufficiently skilled, experienced and confident to undertake the Moel y Gamelin expedition alone.

Jimmy was happy to do that, and I was happy to let him. But Greg, nice guy that he is, preferred to put himself through more pain rather than let Jimmy venture alone. I told Greg that Jimmy was fine, and to stop when he had had enough, not to push himself too far etc. And off we all set again.  Thanks to the following stations I worked on the first summit, all on 80m CW, apart from the first one, S2S with Jimmy on 2m FM:

MW3EYP/P Cyrn-y-Brain NW-043 Jimmy
G4SSH Scarborough Roy
G4CMQ Cambridge David
EI2CL Dublin Michael
F4CTJ Neufchatel en Bray Karim
G3RMD Cheltenham Frank
GX0OOO/P Mickle Fell NP-002 John
EI7CC Dun Laoghaire Peter
GW0DSP Connahs Quay Mike
G0TDM Penrith John
G7GQL Penrith John
GX0ANT Penrith John
G4OWG Rawdon Roger
G3WPF WIlmslow Reg
G4RQJ Walney Island Rob

Later on, Jimmy would make the following QSOs, all on 2m FM:

GW4BVE Pool Quay John
MW0GIA/P Moel y Gamelin NW-042 Sean
MW3ZRY/P Moel y Gamelin NW-042 Liam
GC4MWS/P Moel y Gamelin NW-042 Tom
MW3YHB/P Fan Brycheiniog SW-003 Helen
MW0IDX/M North Wales Roger
M3NVJ Mossley Hill Colin