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Moel y Gamelin 2003


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Starting point for this summit is the popular Ponderose cafe SJ 192 481 on the A542 Horseshoe Pass, same starting point as for NW-043 Cyrn-y-Brain.  This cafe car park always features hoards of motorbikes, one of whom approached me and introduced himself as Roly, MW3MPH/M, with a most impressive motorcycle mobile set up.  An impromptu QSO was definitely in order over the DX range of 10 feet, and so it was!  I had some QSLs with me, so Roly had his within 2 minutes of the contact, maybe some record hi!  So to business, and on this fine day, 18th April 2003, we commenced the walk along the track to Moel y Gamelin.  Strangely, this is not marked as a PROW on the map, just as a track, but it is clearly used frequently by walkers, and it certainly was on this day.   This was a fairly easy and leisurely walk, reaching the summit cairn in just over an hour (bearing in mind that with both children present, pace is slow).  We plonked ourselves down on the heather just past the summit cairn to avoid the wind and activated the summit.  This was a good one with 2 SOTA to SOTA contacts, but sadly just missing Richard G3CWI who went QSY to 40m CW just before he would have heard my call - so that one had to go in the SWL log!  The descent followed an unmapped, but well defined path going down East from the summit to the West end of the "Horseshoe" in Horseshoe Pass.  From here, we hitched a ride back up to Ponderosa and enjoyed lunch before moving onto another summit, Hope Mountain NW-062 that afternoon.

Tom & Liam on Moel y Gamelin NW-042    Jimmy by the summit cairn on Moel y Gamelin NW-042

Callsign today was MC1SWL/P, club callsign of the International Short Wave League (ISWL) - see my radio page for more details.  Thanks to the following stations, all worked on 2m FM with 2.5 watts:

GW4GTE/P Moel Hebog NW-014 Dave
MW0YLS/P Moel Hebog NW-014 Shirley
M3LCM Liverpool Lyn
MW0IDX/P Trum y Ddysgl NW-024 Roger