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Tom Read Bass website

Tom Read - experienced pro bass player, able to play all genres.  Excellent sight-reader, but also proficient at learning / busking.  Tom brings further skills that can be drawn upon, being an effective musical director, teacher and arranger.  For further details, please click on the image above to be redirected to my Bass website.  See below for the gigs and bands Tom is currently involved with, and a selection of those from the past.

Recent work includes with Darren Day, Andy Mudd, Sophie Garner, Motown Gold (Ear Candy), The Castaways and Retrobeats.

Sunday nights with Andy Mudd and Darren Day at Viva Blackpool   


Tom Read with Darren Day, That's What Friends Are For show, Viva Blackpool 2014    Caz Keye, Andy Morley, Darren Day, Tom Read, Leye D Johns, Tracey Jordan & Andy Mudd

Motown Gold

    Tom Read with the Castaways

Click on the following three images to be taken to each respective band's website for more details, photos, audio and video:

Manatees - 8 to 14 piece blues-rock-jazz-funk-soul band        Yellow Pad Band - contemporary bossa nova trio

Liam Read Band

Adam Palma Band - 5 piece classic rock covers    Adam Palma Band, live a Fresh Bar, Macclesfield, February 2010

A few other bits and pieces:

Stage set for a Retrobeats gig        Manatees at Cabin 5150

Manatees at Congleton Jazz & Blues Festival        Bass dots written for Andy Mudd

Viva Blackpool stage        My Fender Jazz and Yamaha fretless basses

Tom Read (bass) & Andy Morley (drums) at Viva Blackpool        With my brother Will on a Yellow Pad Band gig    

At Pontin's, Jersey, 1990        Cartoon of the 1990 Warner, Seaton band, drawn by Marianne Read

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