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Shining Tor 2004


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Shining Tor SP-004    Jimmy, Daddy (M1EYP) & Liam on SP-004

Jimmy, Liam and myself activated Shining Tor for 2004 on January 2nd.  After chasing Alan M1EYO/P on Shining Tor G/SP-004 and Clive M1YAM/P on Pen-y-ghent G/NP-010 that morning, I took a stroll up Shining Tor G/SP-004 myself from the Cat & Fiddle, with Jimmy & Liam. There was a lot of drifted snow by the path to the summit, and we enjoyed writing in it with our walking poles.  I know SP-004 has been activated by several since me - anyone noticed the "M1EYP/P 2-1-04" notices in the snow? (!) The best bit of drifted snow was covering the bench at the summit, and in it was a three foot hole, the exact diameter to take a SOTA pole without the guying kit being needed!  Surely this was Alan's from earlier in the day? I dropped the feeder to the other side (trig side) of the wall which provided the best shelter at that point.   There was no wind on the summit, which meant that although it was cold (about 1 degree C), conditions were comfortable for us to stick around for a while.  This I did, working 14 stations over an hour and a half on 2m FM and SSB.  Most of the NW regulars were there - G0OXV, G1INK/P, M1FHM, M1CVL, G7DIE, M1EYO, G7NAL - plus others, as were the Midlands lads G4JZF and G0NES, and of course John GW4BVE.  One summit-to-summit, with Dick M3EIQ/P on Black Hill G/SP-002. After descent, we popped in the Cat & Fiddle for some mulled wine and hot mince pies for returning home to Macclesfield.

Thanks to the following stations, all worked on 2m FM with 1 watt, except the four starting with G4JZF, which were 2m SSB, the first three of these on 2.5 watts, the other on 1 watt:

G0OXV Ormskirk Keith
GW4BVE Pool Quay John
G1INK/P Peep O' Day, near Hayfield Steve
M1FHM Tyldesley Alan
M3EIQ/P Black Hill SP-002 Dick
M1CVL Heywood Mike
G7DIE Blackpool Stephen
M1EYO Glossop Alan
G4JZF Walsall Graham
G0NES Walsall Don
M1FET Chadderton Eddie
M3IFG Guide Bridge Frank
G7NAL Gorton Harold
G8DIR/M M56 J12 Ken


On Saturday 22nd May 2004, we did a repeat activation.

Tom M1EYP on SP-004     Busy summit today!

Marianne on the night-shift meant that we could get an early start.   A gig on the Saturday night meant that I could not travel far enough away to do any that I still needed, save for Raw Head which I was saving to take Marianne with us. The use of a club callsign and the likelihood of many summits to chase dictated that we still needed to be out and about somewhere. So it was that the first pointless repeat activation of 2004 was called for, and my 7th activation of Shining Tor G/SP-004.

After breakfast in Burger King, we parked opposite the 'Cat', as reported by Steve and Riley, and walked in on the path that overlooks the Peak View Tea Rooms and heads towards Goyt's Clough before turning left for the summit. I set up on the Cheshire side (trig point side) of the wall, utilising the space to erect both a 40m inverted V dipole and a SOTA Beam. The summit was pretty busy throughout with parties of walkers stopping for a rest, and indeed a ranger did come and have a word about what I was up to. This was all explained, with the assistance of Jimmy's SOTA T-shirt, and he left content. The weather was very nice - bright and sunny with only a little wind, and much of the activation was done in T-shirts.

Many regular chasers and newcomers were worked, plus summit-to-summit contacts with Riley on The Cloud SP-015, Shirley on Helvellyn LD-003, Riley again, this time on Gun SP-013, Charlie on Old Man of Coniston LD-013, Clive on Kirk Fell LD-014 and Dave on Black Mountain WB-001.

With the kind assistance of John GW4BVE, I got going on 40m, making numerous contacts, one of the best being Andre GM3VLB/P on Gunna Island for IOSA, another being Pete EI7CC. I SWL'd Barry GM4TOE/P on Bynack More ES-010 and Jack GM4COX/P on SS-029 on 5 MHz. Then with John's help (again) I got a 40m SOTA-to-SOTA contact with Jack, which was undoubtedly the highlight of a fine day. Repeat activations like this are great fun - you can sit and "play radio" to your heart's content, no pressure, and close to home! The zero activator points are compensated for in other ways!

Then it was back to the car, passing Riley who was ascending, then Richard who was packing up his 5 MHz test where the path meets the A537 near the 'Cat'.  I drove down to my dad's house for the Cup Final, but did nip out at half-time to chase Riley on Shining Tor, and give him the scoreflash he requested! Another surprise summit point came courtesy of Ian G7ADF later on Winter Hill, after 7pm when I was in Manchester driving to my gig!

Thanks to all the following stations worked on this lengthy activation:

G7GOD/P The Cloud SP-015 Riley 2m F3E 1 watt
MW1VCD/M Wrexham John 2m F3E 1 watt
M0SGB Bury Steve 2m F3E 1 watt
G1INK/P Walker Barn Steve 2m F3E 1 watt
M3DQE/M Sale Eric 2m F3E 1 watt
G7ADF Wigan Ian 2m F3E 1 watt
G0OXV Ormskirk Keith 2m F3E 1 watt
GW3YDX Welshpool Ron 2m F3E 1 watt
M0YLS/P Helvellyn LD-003 Shirley 2m F3E 1 watt
M3TGS/M Great Sankey Tony 2m F3E 1 watt
G8HDS Rochdale Paul 2m J3E 1 watt
2W1RSS Dee Estuary Russ 2m J3E 1 watt
G0UWK Kidsgrove Ian 2m J3E 1 watt
GW3YDX Welshpool Ron 2m J3E 1 watt
G1INK/P Walker Barn Steve 2m J3E 0.5 watts
GW4BVE Pool Quay John 2m F3E 0.5 watts
GW4BVE Pool Quay John 40m J3E 5 watts
G4FIN Northampton Kevin 40m J3E 5 watts
G4JZF Walsall Graham 40m J3E 5 watts
EI7CC Dublin Pete 40m J3E 5 watts
G7ILP     40m J3E 5 watts
GM0CME Pennan Mike 40m J3E 5 watts
GM3VLB/P Gunna Island Andre 40m J3E 5 watts
G7GOD/P Gun SP-013 Riley 2m F3E 1 watt
G4BLH Nelson Mike 2m F3E 5 watts
M0HDE Standish Annick 2m F3E 0.5 watts
G4BLH/M Burnley Mike 2m F3E 2.5 watts
M1ACJ Wesson Steve 2m F3E 0.5 watts
M1ACJ Wesson Steve 70cm F3E 0.5 watts
G0PZO/P Coniston Old Man LD-013 Charlie 2m F3E 2.5 watts
M1YAM/P Kirk Fell LD-015 Clive 2m F3E 2.5 watts
GM4COX/P Broad Law SS-029 Jack 40m J3E 5 watts
G4JZF Walsall Graham 2m F3E 2.5 watts
MW0DFA/P Black Mountain WB-001 Dave 2m F3E 2.5 watts
2E1MPC Newstead Mike 2m F3E 2.5 watts
G4NLY Heanor Russ 2m F3E 2.5 watts
G7WKH Arnold Paul 2m F3E 2.5 watts
G8BEQ Glossop Ken 2m F3E 2.5 watts


Yet another "pointless" activation took place on Monday 19th July 2004.   It was my birthday, and I chose to spend it by walking in the peak, taking in giving some chaser points away from Shining Tor.  This was done following the first part of the walk from the Cat & Fiddle.  Afterwards I walked down the ridge to Pym Chair, then down the road towards the Goyt Valley before taking a path on the right towards Errwood Hall.  The path then zigzags up to the ridge, from where one walks back to the Cat & Fiddle to complete the circuit.

Thanks to all the following stations worked:

G3CWI Macclesfield Richard 2m F3E 0.5 watts
2E0VOM/M Reddish Noel 2m F3E 0.5 watts
GW4BVE Pool Quay John 2m F3E 0.5 watts
G7ADF Wigan Ian 2m F3E 0.5 watts
M0ELO Nantwich Craig 2m F3E 0.5 watts
G1INK/M Cat & Fiddle Steve 2m F3E 0.5 watts
MW0BET/M A55 Eastbound Jenny 2m F3E 0.5 watts
M3HAG Chorley Helen 2m F3E 2.5 watts
M3SUD Chorley Adrian 2m F3E 2.5 watts
M0SGB Bury Steve 2m F3E 0.5 watts
G3CWI Macclesfield Richard 40m J3E 5 watts
G4BLH Nelson Mike 2m F3E 2.5 watts