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Essex 1997


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In the summer of 1997, our second son Liam was born, and my wife Marianne suggested that I should take our eldest son Jimmy, then 4 years old, camping for a few days at the start of the school holidays. As I had been reading in the British DX Club’s monthly journal Communication about the forthcoming Radio London revival RSL, I instantly agreed with my beloved’s brainwave and informed Jimmy of our camping trip – to Essex!

Radio London 1997          Radio London 1997

We set off at 0740 BST on Friday 25th July 1997 in the Citroen AX fitted with Blaupunkt Bristol 27 car radio. A number of interesting or new (to me) radio stations were noted during our journey south. These included BBC Asian Network (Birmingham), Classic Gold 1557 (Northampton), Q103 (Cambridge), Invicta FM (Maidstone) and Essex FM (Southend).

Clacton Gazette     Clacton Gazette

As we headed east through Essex, Radio London / Big L was loud and clear on 1134 kHz. This is the European medium wave channel that is closest to Big L’s original wavelength of 266m, and indeed, the RSL announced as "266" as well as having it painted on the side of the ship. We arrived on the promenade in Frinton-on-Sea at 1400 BST on a beautiful warm and sunny day, with a great view of the Radio London ship – the MV Yeomen Rose – before out very eyes on the calm blue North Sea. Later, we pitched our tent at the Stranger’s Home campsite in Bradfield and headed back down to Walton-on-the-Naze for a night out at the fair!

Jimmy Read    Radio London QSL       

The Radio London 266 programmes were proving to be excellent, quite irresistible listening. We were tuned in most of the time we were in the car, and also on the battery operated Tatung TMR7602 in the tent at breakfast times and last thing at night.

Full details of what was heard in Essex and during our journeys are as follows:


558 Spectrum International

567 RTE Radio 1

603 SuperGold

648 BBC World Service

693 BBC Radio 5 Live

729 BBC Essex

765 BBC Essex

774 BBC Radio Kent

792 Classic Gold

828 HitRadio Veronica

855 BBC Radio Norfolk

873 BBC Radio Norfolk

882 BBC Radio Wales

909 BBC Radio 5 Live

945 South Coast Radio

963 Liberty

1026 BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

1035 RTL Country 1035

1053 Talk Radio UK

1089 Talk Radio UK

1107 Talk Radio UK

1134 Radio London

1152 Amber Radio, Norwich

1152 LBC 1152

1170 Amber Radio, Ipswich

Amber Radio

1197 Virgin Radio

1215 Virgin Radio

1224 HitRadio Veronica

1233 Virgin Radio

1251 Amber Radio, Bury

1260 Virgin Radio

1260 Sabras Sound, Leicester

1269 Deutschlandradio, Köln

1287 Virgin Radio

1296 Radio XL, Birmingham

1305 Premier Radio

1314 NRK1, Norway

1323 South Coast Radio

1332 Classic Gold

1359 The Breeze

1413 Premier Radio

1431 The Breeze

1458 BBC Asian Network

1458 Sunrise Radio

1485 BBC Southern Counties Radio

1512 Radio Vlaanderen International

1530 BBC Essex

1557 Mellow 1557

1557 Classic Gold 1557

1602 BBC Radio Kent


88.1 BBC Radio 2

89.7 BBC Radio 2

90.3 BBC Radio 3

90.7 BBC Radio 3

91.3 BBC Radio 3

91.7 BBC Radio 3

91.9 BBC Radio 3

92.5 BBC Radio 4

93.5 BBC Radio 4

94.1 BBC Radio 4

96.1 SGR Colchester

96.4 SGR Bury St Edmunds

97.1 SGR Ipswich

97.3 News Direct, London

97.7 BBC Radio 1

98.8 BBC Radio 1

99.3 BBC Radio 1

100.9 Classic FM

101.5 Classic FM

102.4 Broadland 102, Norwich

102.6 Essex FM

103.0 Q103, Cambridge


103.1 Invicta FM, Maidstone

103.5 BBC Essex

103.9 BBC Radio Suffolk

104.6 BBC Radio Suffolk

106.9 Vibes FM, Ipswich


3795  PA3EVW, Netherlands

3795  G4EVK, Peterborough

6290  World Music Radio

6295  Reflections Europe

7066  CT/ON5NT/P, Portugal

14168 S50D, Slovenia

World Music Radio

Radio London 1997