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Radio Caroline North 2014


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We headed over to Liverpool's Albert Dock on Sunday 27th April 2014 to check out the Planet Lightship, home to the 28 day RSL broadcast of Radio Caroline North.  At home in Macclesfield, the 87.7MHz signal was just about detectable, but enjoyable listening was to be had via the internet.  It was like good old fashioned "proper" radio, the sort that got me hooked in the 1980s.  And indeed, most of the presenter line-up was from that 1980s era of local radio here in the North West of England, presenters that were involved with commercial, BBC and pirate stations from that time.

Here are the photos I took during the brief visit.

Planet Lightship        Jimmy, Tom & Liam on board

The studio        Radio Caroline North

Planet Lightship    Jimmy, Liam & Marianne    Planet Lightship

Radio Caroline North        Jimmy & Liam